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RGV: I never speculate on failure of my films

May 7, 2011 04:05:10 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
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Ram Gopal Varma is back with working on multiple back-to-back projects. This time around he has DEPARTMENT starting immediately after NOT A LOVE STORY, both of them being dramatic thrillers. While he continues to talk excitedly about both his pet projects, he seems to have waved good-bye to his last twin projects - RAKHT CHARITRA - I and RAKHT CHARITRA - II, which at one point in time were his most challenging assignments.

One wonders how is Ramu managing to cut himself off from the films' non-performance at the box office? Doesn't he ever wonder what really went wrong with the Vivek Oberoi-Suriya starrer, especially after he had given almost a year (the maximum he has ever given) to the making of these films?


"I don't think any director can ever know the reason behind why a film works or whether there is any appreciation for it or not", says Ramu in a matter of fact tone, "One can just speculate and that's about it. Since you have asked me, I think perhaps the audience was not prepared for the genre."

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Continuing to think aloud, he ponders, "May be the violence put off even those who I believed would be able to digest it. May be a part of the audience was totally disconnected from the film's look."

Giving up soon on the argument, Ramu says, "You know what, it is futile actually. Never in my career have I ever speculated on why a film of mine worked or not. I am happy looking at the future than wondering about the past".

Well Ramu, we are happy to look forward to the future as well and hope that there is a success (or two) in the making with your new outings.


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