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Puneet Issar: Nobody knows what Sikhs went through...

November 15, 2011 07:02:03 PM IST
Rachana, Glamsham Editorial
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Best remembered for his portrayal of Duryodhan in BR Chopra's TV epic, Mahabharat, Puneet Issar, who made his directorial with Salman Khan starrer GARV, returns to big screen and takes the baton of direction after 7 long years with I AM SINGH.

When asked what took him so long to make a comeback, Puneet replied, "Though the script was ready it was not that easy to execute the project. A lot of research work went into it plus arranging for the finances was little difficult as the expenses are 50 times more in US. Moreover, because of the volatile script, getting permissions from various law authorities was all time consuming. Since the topic is very sensitive so to get everything perfect every detail is to be taken care of. The experiences and incidences of different victims were to be used....The entire making procedure was tedious. So in all to make an authentic film it takes time."

The amount of toil, efforts, energies Puneet has put in for I AM SINGH, it easily appears to be his dream project.


"Every film is like a dream project. When I was working on GARV that time it was my dream project now my eyes are set on I AM SINGH. An actor/director can never get satisfied with their work. At present I am sleeping, breathing I AM SINGH," says Puneet

Puneet clears the confusion about I AM SINGH doing the rounds, "I AM SINGH has nothing to do with 9/11 attacks. It's all about mistaken identity. It focuses on how Americans mistook Sikhs to be part of Islamic terrorist groups and the trauma that follows. While all the other films talked about Muslims and showed how they bore the brunt after 9/11 attacks I AM SINGH is about Sikhs. Nobody knows what Sikhs went through and what price they had to pay."

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Talking about the title of the film I AM SINGH, Puneet explains the essence behind the name, "The name SINGH means Lion. Woh ek padvi hai ek auhda hai. The one who fights for injustice is called SINGH. The one who stands for truth is called SINGH. And it's not about one community. A Gujarati or a Punjabi or a South-Indian or Marathi who stands against injustice can also be called a SINGH. A Singh will not take things in his stride."

The appalling events, the 9/11 terror strike and its repercussions occurred over a decade ago and Puneet is presenting it today. Doesn't he feel he's too late to talk about it? However Puneet has his own stand on it. "Till date the epic Mahabharat or the events like Second World War are part of discussion and people remember it. Racial discrimination, which is an age-old issue, is still existent and people are victims of it. See the importance is about how effective the topic is which has touched your heart and not your mind. Even after 100 years you would like to talk about it. So the topic is very much current and relevant," says the baritone voiced director.

Puneet is expecting to change the mindsets of people with his film I AM SINGH. "If I can change the mindset of even one person I think I am successful. I AM SINGH is a movement, it's an awakening. It is not a typical masala potboiler. It is an issue based film with lot of entertainment. At the same time it's not a boring documentary also. We are not preaching anything but there is an undercurrent message in the film," says the sensible filmmaker.

I AM SINGH is all set to release on 2nd December 2011.


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