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2 time national award winner Suresh Pai: Film DAM 999 is kind of eye-opener

November 23, 2011 05:00:48 PM IST
Rachana, Glamsham Editorial
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The two time national award winner editor, Suresh Pai, who's done editing for numerous films like SNIP, PAGE 3, RAGHU ROMEO, JHANKAR BEATS, MIXED DOUBLES, BHEJA FRY, MITHYA, ALADIN et al, is eagerly looking forward at his first Hollywood film DAM999 releasing this Friday.

download DAM999 wallpaper
download DAM999 wallpaper

Says Suresh, ''DAM 999 is one relevant film. Nobody thinks about reservoirs and problems attached with it. - the construction part, the maintenance part, etc. And presenting it in a film format is definitely one brave attempt. The film vaguely refers to many issues attached with the dams. So it's actually like a time bomb. Nothing is being done about it and someday it will actually create havoc if the dams are not sustained well. More than entertainment this film is kind of an eye-opener.''

Suresh is counted as one of the best editors in the industry today and this is what persuaded debutant filmmaker, Sohan Roy to bring him on-board. ''Our unit production manager Vinod Unnithan suggested my name to Sohan Roy. Sohan, who is a malayalee and based in gulf, wanted only national award winners as technicians. As he is a debutant, he was really dependant on technicians. When you start executing the idea, the real creativity doesn't come out the way it was planned; so you do need someone who can guide you in right direction. And Sohan's DAM999 is technically high film. Though Sohan is knowledgeable and has right sensibilities, he didn't want to take any chances with a film like DAM 999,'' says Suresh.

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The director and editor work go hand in hand. Either party is interdependent. Ask Suresh they ever had creative differences or clash of opinions and he says, ''Luckily all my directors allowed me a free space and never really poked me in my work. My rapport with Sohan was terrific. In fact he's quite happy with my work. Talking about difference of opinions I believe it's always good for a film. Each has his own perspective. It's not possible and not even right that both director and editor agree on a single point,' says Suresh and further adds, 'Between Sohan and me there was no chance of differences as we had discussed about his vision well in advance.''

Suresh shares the challenges he faced while editing for DAM 999, ''As the whole film is based on the idea of Navrasas, Sohan wanted to portray nine important characters each with different emotions. So balancing all the characters, their rhythm, their emotions and ultimately culminate it in the climax was challenging enough.''

Though Sohan is an absolute newcomer; Suresh was never apprehensive working with him. On the contrary he enjoys working with the fresh lot. Suresh says, ''50% of my films have been with first time directors. So it's nothing new for me. In fact I enjoy working with fresh lot because the kind of energies they throw is really motivating as they are always worried and always asking for guidance. They don't come with a baggage like the established ones otherwise I automatically retract. At the same time little amount of stress is always involved as they are new so you have to put extra efforts. But that's worth it.''

Ask Suresh if he is expecting to win some awards for DAM999, especially in the international market, and he says, ''Once you get the taste you do hope that your other films also bag some awards. However I am quite contented with the 2 national awards I won and not really building huge expectations. The competition is bigger at international level. So many great filmmakers and great films compete from world over. I don't want to become overly ambitious. But I would like to add that DAM 999 is one of my best works.''

Suresh, who is called as multiplex editor, doesn't really like to blow his own trumpet. ''I am called the multiplex film editor however I don't like go around and market myself or blowing my own trumpet,'' says Suresh on parting note.


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