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The DDLJ connection in JO HUM CHAHEIN

November 24, 2011 02:47:10 PM IST
Glamsham Editorial
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Who can forget the lovely character 'Simran' from the epic film DILWALE DULHANIA LE JAAYENGE which swayed the hearts with her simplicity? And if you'll are missing the lovable Simran your wish is all set to accomplish with the upcoming film JO HUM CHAHEIN, directed by Pawan Gill.

Simran Kaur Mundi, who makes her debut with the sweet love story, reminds us the memorable character like it reminded her co-star Sunny Gill, who also makes his debut with this film.

download JO HUM CHAHEIN wallpaper
download JO HUM CHAHEIN wallpaper

Sunny and Simran, who hardly knew each other in the beginning, got acquainted with each other during several acting workshops and readings, which they attended for the film. It was at this time when Sunny started seeing a huge resemblance of 'Simran' from DDLJ in his co-star Simran's personality. It constantly reminded him of the character. Says Sunny, ''She is beautiful, carefree, believes a lot in romance. Simran is genuinely someone who believes in old school romance and love.''

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What's more interesting is the character that Simran plays in JO HUM CHAHEIN is someone who believes and follows love, something which Simran of DDLJ is known for.
Sunny explains, ''It's uncanny that Simran in real life is exactly like the person she is. She is someone who believes in love and untouched by the cynicism of urban living.''

JO HUM CHAHEIN is a slice of life romantic film that shows how today's generation would go to any length to become successful. JO HUM CHAHEIN releases on December 16, 2011.


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