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Ameesha: I rejected a lot of work

September 22, 2011 02:57:29 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
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Ameesha Patel is beaming with great expectations from a new innings ahead. While her production house would soon kick-start films with David Dhawan and Priyadarshan, announcement of films like RACE 2 and SHORTCUT ROMEO with her as a leading lady has brought her back in the reckoning in a big way. One wonders though what made her slow in the interim period, especially after enjoying a great start years ago.

download AMEESHA PATEL wallpaper
download AMEESHA PATEL wallpaper

'See, I have no qualms doing those five songs and some good scenes but then the overall package has to be interesting enough,' says Ameesha, 'My survival is not dependent on movies so I can't be doing anything and everything that comes my way. In fact there was a lot of work that I rejected over last few years because I just couldn't understand what was actually expected from me. After doing some brilliant films in the past, I can't afford to do something mediocre just because someone tells me that 'this is what that sells'. I instead chose to wait than jump into something where my heart was not in.'

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Getting candid, she does admit that it was a phase of discontentment where she had to prove herself over and over again despite giving successful films in succession.

'Well, that's Bollywood for you; it is a difficult place to be in,' she sighs, 'People out here scrutinize you after every film. Then you can't ignore the 'camp factor' either. You are also expected to get extra special with your hero. Unfortunately or fortunately these are some of the things that I have never learnt over the years. I thought that talent and merit should be good enough and eventually things didn't turn out to be so rosy. But then it's okay because now I am at that stage of my career where I am back to living my passion. I love acting and dancing and just love doing movies. You would see that and more from me now.'

Of course Ameesha, we look forward to that for sure!


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