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TITANIC 3D: The epic love story with grandeur written in every frame

April 7, 2012 11:11:59 AM IST
Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial
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On the eve of 100th year of the sinking of TITANIC ship the epoch making film TITANIC has been released in 3D and it sure is going to make a profound impact as it is one of the most enduring love stories that hit the cinema screens in the last time to come. The scene with the lasting impression which would come out in a very profound manner in 3 D would be the scene where the ship hits the glacier while the lead player of the film Leonardo De Caprio and Kate Winslet are finding their love for each other and with the ship starting to break the feeling creeping in the minds that their love may also slowly start disintegrating is a cinematic moment worth savoring.


TITANIC could attain epochal proportions all over the world and would again create history when it has been released in 3D primarily owing to the fact that it was a love story, the usual run of the mill love story of a rich girl and a poor boy, but woven adroitly with a historical event and it found an immediate connect with the audience all over the world. It was the magic of James Cameroon that he could weave such a miasma of emotions on the screen through TITANIC.

James Cameroon has emerged as the whiz kid of cinema so now TITANIC in 3D is being marketed as a film by the creator of AVATAR, while ironically enough when AVATAR was released, it was marketed as a film by the maker of TITANIC. It also in a way is the salutation to the magic of Cameroon that his two products emerged as one of most profound landmarks in cinematic history.

One does not know whether Hollywood took a leaf out from Hindi cinema or Hindi cinema took a leaf out from Hollywood to use the vital signposts in history and weave a love story around it, though they may not stand the scrutiny of history as far as authenticity is concerned. ANARKALI, MUGHAL-E-AZAM, are such prime examples from Hindi film industry, while TITANIC or for that matter AVATAR are such glorious illustrations from history. Even a film like KING KONG had an element of romance woven around it and it made the whole cinematic experience more so credible. Underlining premise is that once an element of romance is woven into the narrative deftly, it becomes a part of the folklore, deriving its credibility by cinematic exposition.

While Censor Board is yet to take a view about including the hot scenes of HATE STORY in the movie, it has okayed the TITANIC where Leonardo De Caprio paints Kate Winslett nude, and in the 3D version of TITANIC the scene is of a longer duration than what it was when TITANIC was released originally. May be, it could have to do something to do with the element of aesthetics associated with it whereby this scene in TITANIC 3D has been okayed by the Censor Board. It also can be a cue for filmmakers in India to experiment such scenes, if they want to project nudity by adoring it with an element of aesthetics.

TITANIC 3 D has released at a time when the schools and colleges are closing and it could rekindle romance in a new generation as it had done in a generation more than a decade ago.


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