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Gulshan Devaiah: HATE STORY pushes sexuality and eroticism

April 18, 2012 01:05:56 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
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Countdown has begun for HATE STORY to be released and the film's main lead Gulshan Devaiah feels that it is 'shock value' which has done the trick.

"The fact that such a film is coming out from India is what has resulted in the shock value. Otherwise from the genre perspective, it is no big deal," says Gulshan in a matter of fact tone, "Quite a few European and Hollywood erotic thrillers have been made in the past and the present but it is considered to be normal there because their culture and rating system are different. Also, the audience that goes there is much more mature and sexually liberated. Not to say that this is not the case in India, especially in the cities. However when an Indian film pushes the boundary in terms of sexuality and eroticism, there is a different level of excitement that is created in the mind. I won't say that it is about titillation; it is just that people don't expect such kind of presentation being possible in Indian cinema."

view HATE STORY stills
view HATE STORY stills

It wasn't as straight forward though for him and Paoli Dam to bring this presentation on screen in the very first go. Before starting the shoot of HATE STORY, the couple had barely exchanged a formal conversation or two. No wonder, Gulshan was apprehensive if that would be enough for them to begin work on an erotica.


"It was the first time I was performing a role like this and guess it was quite courageous on my part," laughs Gulshan, "Vivek (Agnihotri) told me though that Paoli was quite chilled out about such matters and was a thorough professional. Once I started interacting with her on a daily basis, the comfort level went up. That little bit of anxiety also started vanishing and soon I realised that there was nothing for me to be embarrassed about. I was sure that both of us would be able to pull it off convincingly even if we were standing naked in front of each other. It was all beautifully real but kept in the boundaries of acting."

Well, we would want to see this 'beautiful reality' in motion once HATE STORY releases this Friday.


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