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Filmfare Awards: Crassness of compering

February 21, 2012 03:26:31 PM IST
Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial
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From the times that Filmfare Awards have turned indoors, i.e. it has become an affair being performed in presence of the fraternity inside the ambience of a studio, it has lost certain grace and years on end, it is dangerously flirting to shake hands as much as possible with vulgarity at its crass best. Indeed, this year's Filmfare awards would go in the annals of history as performance whose hallmark was to be as full of double meaning dialogues, innuendos as could be possible.

The whole idea of moving the Filmfare Awards seemed to be guided by the manner the Academy Awards are performed in Hollywood. However, one of the singular features of Academy Awards has been its compering, and Billy Crystal is its shining star, who is witty, never spares anybody, but he has never resorted to crassness, and innuendos to communicate a message. Or for that manner, Whoopi Goldberg, who also is rather acerbic in her comments, but she also has never crossed the limits of decency, though her dead pan humor indeed brings the house down. Same does not seem to be the case with Filmfare Awards off-late however. Shah Rukh Khan has been now sort of a permanent anchor for the Awards, akin to Billy Crystal, but the Indian adaptation of Billy Crystal style of compering indeed is wanting.

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This year Filmfare Awards were dominated by trans gender performances by the hosts of the show Ranbir Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan, which may have an element of humor within the four walls of the studio, but when it is broadcasted at the national level, and if a family is watching the show, it really became unbearable at times, primarily owing to the crass manner in which the enactment of roles were done on the stage. And icing of the cake was Shakti Kapoor coming enacting the performance of homosexuality on the stage. As a matter of fact another icing on the cake as far as ironies of the show are concerned was Ranbir Kapoor taking the award from his sisters, Kareena Kapoor and Karisma Kapoor dressed as a female. Whether it was deliberate or not, one does know, but it did not appear convincing. May be, Vidya Balan also flowing in with the situation of the moment cheekily commented that "Asli Kaam Ka Majaa To Raat Mein Hee Aata Hai", with a wink.

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May be the performance of both the anchors was guided by the glorious Indian tradition of "swang", i.e. enacting various kind of roles to deliver a message, adaptation to swang rarely has been done with an element of crassness.

The time indeed has come to inject an element of gracefulness to the whole idea of presentation of the awards by the compers or else the TRP ratings may slide down.


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