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Who is speaking the truth? Saif or the aggrieved party L'affaire midnight brawl

February 23, 2012 12:49:33 PM IST
Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial
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In Urdu there is a couplet, 'Badnaam hue to kya hua naam toh hua' which when translated means that even bad publicity also facilitates in expanding the outreach of the name. Well, would one club the brawl that Saif Ali Khan entered into at Taj Wasabi with a guest qualify under this category? Saif Ali Khan obviously would not have wanted it to happen this way, but it has happened.

Surprisingly enough, the experts of the film industry, the leading voices who articulate their views on the happening in the film industry and are in a way catalyst in facilitating image building of the industry have risen in defense of Saif Ali Khan, by equating the outburst with the stress that a film persona has to endear and that it ought to viewed from this perspective. It is churlish to say the least to equate the outburst as a stress relief, because it is not the film star who is under stress of a greater magnitude than a common man out on the street or other persons associated with public life. It is a lonely life as success is the chimera, an elusive one at that which the stars try to attain, but does it warrant the provocation that Saif Ali Khan indulged in? On the eve of release of his solo star (after a long time, he is starring in a solo) AGENT VINOD, would Saif have desired this kind of incident?


It is also been brandied about by the experts that as he comes from a lineage and is well brought up he would not have done that at all. Well, those with lineage and a tradition behind them think 100 times before indulging in such kind of a behavior as they are constantly under media scrutiny for their acts, their conduct.

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It seems more manifest of a behavior that as one is a film star and has a fan following so he or she may not be treated in the same manner as the common citizen is treated. The manner in which Mumbai Police conducted the whole affair was also indicative of the fact as they could not find him throughout the day and they allowed him sufficient time to come out and make his statement.

The manner in which the whole incident has been conducted seems to be a by-product of wannabe-ism, as Saif is one of the Khans who are still to attain the same status that other Khans have acquired in the industry. But, this is not the manner in which the ladder should be scaled. May be, the way out would be to seek an apology and close the chapter and the goodwill that Saif Ali Khan would generate by this step would indeed facilitate him in increased footfalls for his new venture AGENT VINOD? Let's hope better sense prevails.


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