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Satyamev Jayate: Aamir Khan pontificates on drinking issue

July 2, 2012 03:25:16 PM IST
By Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial
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Aamir Khan is one of those film stars in the world of Hindi cinema who does not have anything to do with alcohol in his real life so he turned his focus on drinking in India and tried to unravel the issues associated with social drinking in India. For the young generation of the present times, drinking is now considered a part of regime of the growing up landscape.

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view AAMIR KHAN photo gallery

To shatter the element of romance associated with drinking in India, Aamir Khan had invited on his panel celebrated journalist Vijay Simha who had ruined his life to drink and had come back from the brink, as also Javed Akhtar who himself was a hard core drinker to emphasize the point that drinking the manner in which it is done in India is not the acceptable manner in which it is done the world over. In India the drinking is done for getting sozzled, and it has emerged as one of the root causes of road rages, accidents, and loss of crucial lives in the country. The figures under this category are highest in India and the who's who of social circles as also those from the film industry in one way or the other have been caught in its trap.

The focus this time around in Satyamev Jayate was however diffused, as it started with the audience of young professionals and their drinking habits, but did not focus on the reasons why the young professionals were resorting to it, and rather went on to discuss the evils of drinking. The participation from the audience was not to the same extent on the matter as it had been done in the previous episodes.

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Besides, when one is talking about drinking, one also has to focus on the role of cinema in promoting or rather endorsing it. The episode ought to have brought in some writers to talk why Hindi cinema eulogizes drinking, or Javed Akhtar ought to have been asked to discuss the matter, as he as a writer has been instrumental in overseeing the milestones that the world of Hindi cinema has traversed during last four decades or so.

Besides, another aspect that needed to be focused upon in the episode was the role of the government. Majority of the revenues that the governments generate comes from excise, so for the government it indeed is a difficult proposition to maintain a social facade of talking about the evils of drinking, but on the other hand collecting money in quadratic proportions every year from the auction of vends and outlets of liquor.

The message from the episode was however loud and clear that one should, if one is inclined to, consume drinks in moderate proportions, and the proportion is 2 drinks of 30 ml. If one is able to restrain himself or herself to this levels, then it does not get converted into a habit, but the moot point is from the Indian standards the international norms are just a joke for the drinkers. Would they change?


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