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ROWDY RATHORE: Rowdiness at its best

June 7, 2012 05:46:45 PM IST
By Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial
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There was a comment by one of the critics while reviewing ROWDY RATHORE that one could not fathom Sanjay Leela Bhansali associating with a product like this. But it was a premature comment to make, as Sanjay Leela Bhansali in his own imitable manner has left his mark, his style and his fetish for details in ROWDY RATHORE to a large extent.

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download ROWDY RATHORE wallpapers

The leitmotif of ROWDY RATHORE is the imaginative use of hands to clap and the manner in which casting of the film has been woven over scores and scores of hands clapping through various permutations and combinations is a visual treat to watch, as this kind of imaginative casting has been undertaken in all probability for the first time in a Hindi cinema.

A second salient feature of the film is 'Chin Ta Ta Chita Chita', which has been used as a caller tune for ROWDY RATHORE in the film, and it could indeed become a signature tune if ROWDY RATHORE is to be developed as a brand, a la "The Name is Bond-James Bond". Even Sonakshi Sinha in the climax of the film derives power from the slogan to create a scare in the mind of the villains, and it is also for the first time in recent years that a female lead star in the den of villains has shown the chutzpah by squatting on the floor to snare villains. Villains have been sneered at by female stars in the climax where they are huddled, but such smugness as it has been displayed in ROWDY RATHORE has not been shown in the recent memory.

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However a sore point of the movie has been the manner in which the Police have been shown till the advent of the hero or ROWDY RATHORE. Cinema over the years has shown police personnel in a deplorable situation before the arrival of a hero on the screen, but here the argument has been stretched slightly too-far. For instance when Akshay in role of Shiva plays his signature tune, a lady police official starts serenading him and disrobing herself. Secondly, whatever be the level of menace of a don, it has never happened that the goons could pick the wife of a police official and sexually exploit her while he watches it helplessly, rather ignores her presence as the warlord says she is not in his house. Nobody can take a police official's wife in reality as it has been shown in ROWDY RATHORE.

ROWDY RATHORE is a film that has become a major success in single screen theatres with wolf whistles and catcalls. So it was fun to watch sitting in the front row, but a query by my fellow patron left me stumped, would Prabhudheva or Sanjay Leela Bhansali elaborate- How was it that all the way from Bihar, colleagues of inspector Vikram Rathore were able to locate Shiva in Mumbai.

Well, the audience has started thinking and asking questions, so liberty with content now has to be taken with abundant caution. Otherwise ROWDY RATHORE indeed is a full time pass, as even Prabhudheva along with Vijay the super star down south shakes legs with Akshay and this peps up the scene as also the film.


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