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National award for Vidya: Would it be catalytic in making KAHAANI a success story?

March 7, 2012 07:27:27 PM IST
Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial
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It could not have come at a more opportune time for Vidya Balan, she being conferred the Best Actor Award in the 59th National Awards for her performance in THE DIRTY PICTURE, as her next release KAHAANI is going to hit the screens this Friday. Just a day after International Women's Day celebration, when KAHAANI is released, it is a film that is a fight of a woman for her rights, and the manner in which she has to face the law and order machinery that stonewalls any kind of query by a citizen seeking information.

download VIDYA BALAN wallpapers
download VIDYA BALAN wallpapers

At a time when the role of the actress in Hindi films has been reduced to routine dance and song shows, Vidya Balan is creating new frontiers in acting and providing opportunities for the writers to experiment and come up with scripts which have a role of eminence for the female actors. She has emerged as a new face of woman empowerment through the enactment of roles that she is currently doing, and is also bucking the trend in the industry that an actress over thirty cannot do solo roles.

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May be the song "Ami Shotti Bolchi", from KAHAANI is also in a way utterance of the fact that Vidya Balan has arrived and she has arrived on her own terms and conditions, emphasizing the fact that it is not the figure that creates buzz in a film but the content and the manner in which the role is interpreted that is a catalyst for making the film a success.

She has touched the heart of scores of women who under the influence of the "zero sized figure", paradigm were doing a disservice to their bodies, and have now veneered around to the fact and also started appreciating the fact that the figurative aberration is a by-product of the process of ageing and it has to be accepted gracefully and with a sense of abandonment and excitement. The footfalls in Vidya Balan's films these days is an even mixture of male and female construct, or rather it is the female who scores in this category.

When one talks of empowerment of women, it is initiatives of this kind that also are catalysis as it is in KAHAANI where a pregnant women is on a quest to find her elusive husband and is not inclined to take things lying down and would create instant rapport with scores of married women around the countryside who are at the receiving end in one form or the other, and would surely seek inspiration to fight their battles and if even few hundred initiate it, the purpose of KAHAANI would be served. With her performance in KAHAANI Vidya Balan indeed would be vying for the second national award in succession next year and she would indeed be a worthy competitor.


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