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Vidya Balan: Changing contours of the manner in which Hindi film industry works

March 13, 2012 06:57:19 PM IST
Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial
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Vidya Balan has emerged as probably the first Hindi film actress who does not rely on the banner or the director to deliver a hit, rather she just slips into the character of the content offered to her to make it a hit with the audience. It is manifest from the phenomenal success that KAHAANI has emerged within a week, and reemphasizes the point that THE DIRTY PICTURE is not a fluke but the quality of the content and the preparation for the role that she is to enact on the screen which has made her a real numero UNO in the Hindi industry.

The statement being made at the risk of being audacious is on account of the fact that Vidya Balan had not had a fortune to work with the top class actors and top banners, but she has leveraged the options available to deliver results. Indeed, she is one of the most bankable stars that the box office has seen, and her association with a project increases the market value of the film. The same is manifest from the fact that her mentor Vidhu Vinod Chopra, who was a catalyst in transforming her acting oeuvre has cast her as an item girl in the yet to be released FERRARI KI SAWAARI where she has performed a Lavani. Now the choice of Lavani also is a statement about the fact that whatever has been done earlier, Vidya Balan is going to deliver a performance match higher and so the Lavani item given to her is a Marathi number, also one of the firsts for the Hindi film industry.


Vidya Balan indeed is a living testimony about the resilience and determination of a woman to leverage her power to achieve her objectives. She wanted to become an actor from her childhood and had anybody else would have been in her place she might have left, but not Vidya. She proved her detractors wrong when they commented about her dressing sense, by appearing in as audacious apparel as can be construed, but in sync with the time that she was portraying in THE DIRTY PICTURE, to make her statement as also to cock a snook at her detractors. How many from among the female stars would have the courage to play the role of a pregnant woman, especially when she is unmarried in reality and etch the character throughout the film, probably only Vidya Balan. Indeed, to make the idea of pregnancy realistic on the screen, as also to develop instant bonding with the audience, she got a prosthetic addendum as a baby bump so that she could also convey the grimace, pain and the tribulation that a pregnant woman has to undergo, and no wonder the female fan following for her has increased by leaps and bounds after KAHAANI.

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Indeed, the confidence to etch the character is not a one off phenomenon. If we go back a few years, when she portrayed the character in ISHQIYA the manner in which her character uttered expletives on the screen, endeared her to the audience in the area where the film was situated, i.e. in Gorakhpur in Eastern UP in particular and the ladies went on record to even appreciate the same as well. Indeed, the women also use choice expletives in rural areas and the conviction with which Vidya uttered the same on the screen made her stand apart from her female contemporaries.

Now she has tasted success, and the sky is the limit. She does not need a male to play opposite her as she does not require them. For a filmmaker also the success that Vidya Balan has achieved could be manna from heaven as for films in future, if he is able to cast Vidya Balan and has a good script then he may not require a mainstream male artist. Vidya Balan has through her performance underlined the fact that she does not require a male actor to etch a character and for this sheer fact Vidya Balan's success is a celebration of new found confidence of woman per se in our society in general and the industry in particular.


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