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KAHAANI & PAAN SINGH TOMAR change the paradigms of marketing a film

March 20, 2012 07:13:16 PM IST
Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial
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Suddenly the industry has woken up to the fact that, the hugely successful films KAHAANI and PAAN SINGH TOMAR are films which were not publicised at all, at least one of them, PAAN SINGH TOMAR. While KAHAANI was publicised to some extent, the publicity was relegated to the appearance of Vidya Balan on various television channels a day before the release of the film to talk about KAHAANI. In case of PAAN SINGH TOMAR, till the time the film was released hardly few people were aware about the fact that Tigmanshu Dhulia was making a biopic of the name PAAN SINGH TOMAR. When the name of PST was dropped in conversation, the usual sneer was PST who!


But the lack of publicity through bombardment of promos has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for both the films as the fans, the aficionados of cinema have done more for publicising both these films and the feeling of goodwill associated with both these films have made them big hits. Both KAHAANI and PAAN SINGH TOMAR has been big hits till date on account of the power packed performance of the lead players in both the films, for KAHAANI it was Vidya Balan while for PST it was Irrfan Khan. For Irrfan Khan, in particular, this new found success has been a sweet reward for the struggle that he has endured in the film industry working his way up from television serials to PAAN SINGH TOMAR and emerged as one of the most bankable faces that industry should be looking for if it wants to experiment with new innovative and realistic content.

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Indeed, it is the content that has emerged as king manifest from the success of both these films, and it is the content which has been publicised by the fans and has been the catalytic factor in bringing the audience back to cinema hall in droves. It goes without saying that both these films have not been carpet bombed on the audience, but as the producers did not have that deep pocket, the number of prints released was limited. Now in the second stage more prints of both the films are being released and for PST there has been a demand from Gulf countries for release of the film.

Buoyed by the success that Vidya Balan has achieved through KAHAANI even Aamir Khan has now expressed the desire to work with her and for Vidya Balan it indeed is a moment to savour as it is endorsement of the performances that she has enacted through THE DIRTY PICTURE and KAHAANI which has made even an Aamir Khan to sit up and take notice. Aamir has expressed the desire to work with Vidya Balan and for content writers it indeed is a challenge to deliver a script that would justify talents of Aamir and Vidya. It indeed would be a shot in the arm for Vidya Balan and further cement her position as one of the most bankable stars at the box office.

Let's only hope that these two successes are not a flash in the pan. Indeed, they would not be, if the industry starts recognizing the writing talent and give them due remuneration as it is given to the performers. The underlining maxim is that it is the content which is the king, and the creator of the king should always be held in high esteem.


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