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Sajid Khan: I am world's most no-nonsense director

March 20, 2012 05:29:17 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
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Director Sajid Khan is known for maintaining a friendly relationship with his cast and crew not just during the making of his films but also otherwise. However, he is also known for putting his foot down if and when he isn't convinced about something related to filmmaking.

''I am friendly but then I am also world's most no-nonsense director,'' says Sajid in a matter of fact tone, ''I don't take advice or listen to anyone when I am convinced about something. However if I need help, I would take advice even from a spot boy. I don't believe in my way or high way but then I do believe that I know certain things about films. This is what keeps me ticking.''


He reiterates his stance of making films only for the audience and hence going by what they want.

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''The cinema in which I believe in is the one which is entertaining and must watch. I have maintained this stance since the HEYY BABYY days. In fact during HOUSEFULL, some of my critic friends said that the film won't work at the box office. Eventually they had to shut up after second and third week,'' he says.

Well, one hopes that once HOUSEFULL 2 releases all over, it does sustain in theatres for many more weeks and give Bollywood it's much needed money spinner.


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