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Paoli on HATE STORY: Many girls must have loved my revenge taking ways

May 4, 2012 04:40:55 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
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HATE STORY is a success and the 'risk' of making Bollywood's first ever mainstream erotic thriller has paid off. While the film's success has shown that there have been enough supporters of such 'decision', one wonders whether the film's leading lady Paoli Dam was as confident about the risk being taken when the film's shoot was on.

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'There was confidence but frankly speaking, I never had an idea that the film would become such a craze. I remember Vivek (Agnihotri) used to say during the making of the film that we were making something special. However what we never lost sight of was the fact that despite this being an erotic thriller, we had to keep the emotional aspect intact. Now that's what has worked for the film,' says Paoli.

In the film, Paoli has played a woman who desires to become a top prostitute in town so that she can climb the power ladder and take vengeance. In real life, does she empathise with such thought process?

'Thankfully I haven't gone through what Kavya had to in HATE STORY. Still, if I put myself into her shoes, I can see the reason why she took such a drastic step (of turning into a prostitute),' says Paoli with a straight face, 'See, when you are getting betrayed and your life is destroyed, the only thing that is in your mind is 'revenge'. I too personally felt that jo Kavya ne kiya waisa hi hona chahiye tha. I am sure many girls out there have loved the way she went about destroying the wrong doers.'

Now this sounds like quite a statement!


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