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RGV's DEPARTMENT to democratize filmmaking techniques?

May 15, 2012 07:01:35 PM IST
Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial
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Trust Ram Gopal Varma to unravel a new craft in film making every time he comes with a new film in the market and DEPARTMENT is no exception. It would be the first film in all probability where the lead actors or rather all the performers have enacted the role assigned to them without talking into the camera.

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DEPARTMENT has democratized the art of cinematography by introducing a series of cameras to shoot a sequence. The consequence is that the actors do not know which camera to talk to, to enhance their performance, rather they would have to let their acting skills do the talking and let the camera pick up the skill and allow the audience to be a judge of the narrative.

If one were to talk in the context of DEPARTMENT, it is a film based on the life of policemen, and the trials and travails that they face day in and day out, the use of the imaginative camera angles could turn out to be a USP. For the actors of the likes of Big B who talks through the camera with the audience, filming of the DEPARTMENT was a big challenge as he did not know which one to talk to! So, one could see one of another hallmark of the performances in the acting career of Big B in DEPARTMENT.

The content of the DEPARTMENT to experiment with the democratization of film making is apt as it is a story of a power struggle between the police and the gang lords, and in such kind of a canvas the element of surprise related to action is facilitated in a big way through imaginative camera angles.

Crime stories indeed become fascinating when the camera explores imaginative positions. In the canons of film making in Hindi in India, it was Pankaj Parasher who had given the taste of imaginative camera angles to the audience first through his serial KARAMCHAND and later on with JALWA.

If the experiment of Ram Gopal Varma succeeds in DEPARTMENT, it indeed would be a watershed day in the history of film making in India as anybody who has content in mind would be able to shoot a film through the cameras available in the market. One would not have to rely on heavy cameras to make a movie, rather the new generation cameras would help the filmmaker to realise the dream.

For the same of democratization of business of film making, DEPARTMENT indeed needs to succeed.


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