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Karan Johar: I am scared of Salman Khan

October 29, 2012 07:07:29 PM IST
By Glamsham Editorial
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In a candid chat with Bollywood ace director Karan Johar & cast of STUDENT OF THE YEAR on Siddharth Kannan's show 'Oye Talkies' Oye! FM Sabse filmi, Karan Johar revealed that he is scared of Salman Khan. In response to Sid K's question, which is that one actor in front of whom he cannot gather courage to open his mouth? Karan gave his no-holds-barred reply, "Salman khan! When he came on my show 'Lift Kara De', I was sitting in my black suit, he was very animated, it was a very serious show. Salman Khan said, I am not going to sit here, I want to sit on floor and you will also have to sit on floor." Karan said that, "I am very scared of Salman for some reason, I don't know why, though he has been very wonderful to me, he is close to my family from a very long time, but I get nervous in front of him."
Talking about Karan's star cast Siddharth asked Karan "Why do his two proteges Varun Dhawan and Siddharth Malhotra keep removing their shirts at the drop of the hat? Karan laughed, 'Thank god, Alia has not got inspired from them, If Alia kept doing the same as them, my film would have not been for the family audiences, it would been for a different kind of audience!"


Siddharth Malhotra then pulled Karan's leg saying that, "We got inspired by Karan to remove our clothes, because when we were shooting in Bangkok, he would remove his clothes and swim and people would watch, especially Varun who would watch Karan chup chupke swimming bare bodied!"

Karan Johar intruded, "I am not an exhibitionist, I had a private pool next to my room, I removed my clothes on my own and there was no one there! Mujhe public mein kapde utarna achcha nahi lagta! In fact Kajol warned and fired them not to remove their shirt in front of her when she came for a special appearance in my film! "They kept mum after that firing session by her!"

Since he is 40 now asked Karan about his marriage plans and he revealed, "My mother is most happy that I am not married, as she does not need to share her jewellery with anyone! Sid further probed by asking, does he not feel lonely without a companion? In a contemplating mood Karan said-"Loneliness is never pretty. I just want to make films. Why do to a spouse when you can do it with your films? My office has become my family. People who work in my office have become my world I really don't feel the need for anyone!"

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Karan said, "I want to act desperate now. I am tired of playing myself in films and if Sid could request all the filmmakers who come on his show to cast Karan in a character role!"

Sid jokingly asked Karan Johar, why just a character role and not the lead in a film?' To this Karan answered "Farhan made ROCK ON, if I do the lead, it will be called ROCK OFF!"

Karan Johar further confided, "I am not a versatile filmmaker, I can do only one kind of film, I think I can do human emotional dramas, but I don't think I can pull off action films, thrillers or do something which is completely edgy like I can't make films like GANGS OF WASSEYPUR, UDAAN, TAARE ZAMEEN PAR, they are all good films. That's my biggest limitation!"

"Everyone thinks I am most expressive, but the truth is that I hold back! I don't express my feelings to anyone! When I am hurt I keep it to myself, then after 2 to 3 years, it comes out in some other situation!"

On the youth brigade he said, "These Kids want to be like Shahrukh, I just told them the way SRK shoots, takes the light, does not fumble even once and controls the camera with his eyes. No one, I repeat no one can ever do that! There is only one Shahrukh Khan!"


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