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Shadab Kamal: Kissing Shilpa for the first time was awkward

August 2, 2013 11:46:59 AM IST
By Pankaj Sabnani, Glamsham Editorial
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Ajay Bahl's erotic drama releases today and stars Shadab Kamal in a pivotal role opposite Shilpa Shukla. The film is the buzz for its strong sexual content.

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So was Shadad skeptical when he first read the film's script? ''I was very apprehensive when I first read the script. I read the kind of scenes we will be shooting. It was about this guy who gets into this gigolo profession. It was going to be my first film as a protagonist and my family and friends were going to watch it. I knew that B.A. PASS would be a make or break film for me.''

He further adds, ''I was very keen to meet Ajay as I had not met him when I read the script. I wanted to gage his intentions. I wanted to know whether he was just interested in selling sex. I wouldn't be a part of it if he had those kind of intentions.''

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Shadab preferred to stay mum about the film, till he actually finished it.

''I chose not to tell anybody about this film. I wanted it to be my decision. Once I was convinced about the film, I didn't want to have any obstructions. It's not that my family isn't supportive. But I knew that if I shared this with my mom and dad, they would start worrying. I didn't want that. I knew that whatever I was doing in the film, wouldn't embarrass them.''

Speaking about the film's intimate scenes, Shadab says, ''The intimate scenes were kept towards the end of the first schedule. So by that time we had become very comfortable with each other. This was Ajay's idea. Before shooting my kissing scene with Shilpa, I was a little worried. I was wondering whether Shilpa is going to feel awkward and that would make me feel more awkward. But I was happy to see that Shilpa was very comfortable.''

When asked whether sex is overrated, the actor quickly responds, ''We are human beings. We sleep, we breathe, we drink water and we have sex. It's just a natural thing. So definitely it's overrated.''

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