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JAI HO! After Rajinikanth, Salman Khan underlines flavour of the season, 'Aam Aadmi'

December 12, 2013 05:55:23 PM IST
By Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial
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Aam Aadmi when has become the flavor of the political season, how it could happen that Hindi cinema would also not stand up and get counted with it. And there would be no other person better than Salman Khan (who has been touted as People's Man) the poster boy of the Aam Aadmi- whose film JAI HO's trailer is going to be launched today coinciding with the prime time of Hindi television i.e. at 9 pm across Star Network.

JAI HO posters
view JAI HO posters

Since JAI HO is the story of an upright common man who is fighting a solitary war against corruption and injustice, going with the theme, the film has involvement of common man right from its inception stage. JAI HO is indeed one of the first films in the recent memory where the Aam Aadmi has been involved in the process of this film making right from the designing of the poster of the film, to its eventual release in Chandan Cinemas Mumbai, the single screen theatre which was an epitome of entertainment for the common man till the advent of the multiplexes. This symbolic gesture by the makers of Salman Khan is a pointer to his conscious effort to connect with the Aam Aadmi which forms one of the largest constituencies of his fan club. In between the posters of JAI HO have been released, either by co-incidence or design on the birthday of another icon, who lives his private life as the Aam Aadmi aka Rajinikanth. Indeed, Rajinikanth is quite anti-thesis of the flamboyant image that he enacts on the silver screen, and who knows Salman Khan may be following in the footsteps of Rajinikanth or charting a course to follow in his footsteps?

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Whatever may be the case, one thing is for sure, it indeed needs courage to get out of the vortex of the multiplexes, the sanitized and air-conditioned prim and prop environment to move to the ambiance which thrives in chaos, as it is being attempted through JAI HO, and it indeed would be a solid step forward to bring in the common man once again to the fulcrum of cinema viewing process. Aam Aadmi ki JAI HO!




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