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After VICKY DONOR Riteish's BALAK PALAK sets the tone for sex pertaining issues!

January 10, 2013 04:28:41 PM IST
updated February 7, 2013 10:42:12 AM IST
By Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial
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VICKY DONOR had set the tone for serious issues pertaining to sex in 2012 and BALAK PALAK has taken it to new heights in 2013. Though it has been released in Marathi for now, it is making waves all over Maharastra. For Riteish Deshmukh who has produced BALAK PALAK it indeed could be an Outlier moment in his career, to carve a niche for himself through Marathi cinema to develop a platform for addressing serious issues associated with sex, adolescence and the likes- a genre which still is a taboo in general.

What is credit worthy about BALAK PALAK is that it has taken a serious issue and dabbled on it in an innovative manner- the issue of sex and sexuality- but at no point of time has it's become vulgar, rather the whole issue has been dealt with in a very professional and matter of fact manner. The tone and the tenor of BALAK PALAK harks one back to the sensitive manner in which the issue of infertility and sperm donation was dealt with in VICKY DONOR. As it was done in VICKY DONOR recourse has been taken to humour in a subtle manner to address the issue of adolescent sex in particular.

A subtle underpinning in BALAK PALAK is that it is the mother who is more mature in dealing with the issues concerning the adolescence of her son and admonishes the father for having thrashed his son, as he was watching an adult DVD film, by saying that he also has done the same thing when he was a teenager, so beating the child would not address the issue.


BALAK PALAK is a milestone in the history of cinema as it has for the first time dwelt on the journey of a child to an adolescent in a very sensitive manner, a journey which needed a cinematic representation. There was a need for it, as advent of technology has made it very convenient for a child to access the information and queries pertaining to physiological changes occurring in his or her body, but the information available is more of a sleazy kind that tends to confuse the child. BALAK PALAK has tried to put the things in perspective and one should hope that it could be used as the film for sex education by the schools all across the country.

In the world of Hindi cinema it was Raj Kapoor who had tried to address this issue through his film MERA NAAM JOKER, but how many of us remember the fact? There is an anecdote that when Raj Kapoor showed this particular scene to Satyajit Ray, so moved was he by the sensitivity of the whole matter, that he had advised Raj Kapoor to present this sequence as a separate entity. Had Raj Kapoor heeded to Ray's suggestion, maybe we could have been able to address some issues pertaining to growing up and the physiological changes.

However, for the present generation for whom getting information is not a problem at all, as the internet is the custodian of all kinds of information, advent of BALAK PALAK indeed is Manna from heaven and it needs to view the film as early as possible. Even the parents of the present generation need to view the film, and if they are shy they could view it without their children, but ideal situation would be when they are able to view it with their children. If 10% of the parents are able to do it, making of BALAK PALAK would be served.


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