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JOLLY LLB is stark commentary on legal profession in humorous manner

March 1, 2013 10:59:47 AM IST
By Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial
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In the background of the Delhi Rape case and other associated legal wrangles going on in the courts all over the country side, the legal profession, the manner in which it is manipulating the system, by reading between the lines of rules and formulations, has come into scrutiny and aptly coinciding with the turn of associated events, Subhash Kapoor's JOLLY L.L.B. is a stark commentary on the legal profession in a humorous manner.

view JOLLY L.L.B. poster
view JOLLY L.L.B. poster

As a matter of fact it was Raj Kumar Hirani who was toying with the idea of looking at the legal profession in a humorous manner, after the phenomenal success of his MUNNABHAI series, but somehow he lost the interest. But two key protagonists from MUNNABHAI, Boman Irani and Arshad Warsi are the lead protagonists in JOLLY LLB, and Amrita Rao is the other main actress in the film. For Arshad Warsi it would be a familiar terrain, the terrain of comedy and so would it be for Boman Irani in JOLLY LLB, more so for Arshad Warsi as after playing the role of a villain in ZILA GHAZIABAD he returns again to his favorite turf of comedy in JOLLY LLB.

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JOLLY LLB in essence is about handling the court case of a spoilt brat from a rich family, where Boman Irani plays the role of defending lawyer of the rich family while Arshad Warsi is the counsel of the government opposing the rich brat. Subhash Kapoor has already made his mark through PHAS GAYE RE OBAMAand his sense of humour is at its peak and one would hope that he would use humour to make a hit out of JOLLY LLB as well.

JOLLY LLB is being distributed by Fox Star and it needs to be underlined that Subhash Kapoor has been able to hit a bulls eye in the world of film making, as in his earlier avatar he was a journalist and had traveled in the laboratory of politics and humour of country, UP and Bihar especially during elections and the kind of insight that one gets during the elections, the manipulations of systems etc., is what he has been able to bring out in PHAS GAYE RE OBAMA, and now one hopes in JOLLY LLB as well.

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