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Saqib Saleem's unique promotion for MERE DAD KI MARUTI

March 5, 2013 05:33:07 PM IST
By Glamsham Editorial
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Our B-town actors are actively involved in promoting their films and can go to any lengths for the same. Joining the promotion wagon is YRF's new talent Saqib Saleem who will be seen in the upcoming film MERE DAD KI MARUTI.

Saqib Saleem has been seen driving a Maruti around the city. Even when the young lad is commuting to YRF studios he comes in his Red Maruti whereas all the other talents like Arjun Kapoor, Ranveer Singh (touted as YRF product) come in their luxury cars to the studios. When all the B-Towners have their swanky cars, Saqib Saleem still drives a small red hatchback.

In fact, he has been driving a Maruti for some time now.


Confirms a source attached to the film, "From the time he started shooting for his flick MERE DAD KI MARUTI, he has been using a Maruti as his daily medium of transport."

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Saqib had learnt driving when he was 18-years old and interestingly the first car that he learnt was a Maruti. Says Saqib, "I prefer a small car over the swanky automobiles. In fact, I first ever learnt how to drive was this car."

The actor credits his chilled out attitude for his taste in cars.

"I am quite comfortable driving this car. Why buy another? Also after shooting for the film, I have developed quite a comfort level with my car."

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