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Makrand Deshpande: Working with Naseer was like a celebration

March 8, 2013 04:54:36 PM IST
By Glamsham Editorial
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When it comes to sleep deprived these days, we always say we will catch up on sleep over the weekend, but it never happens. If Reiki, Puja or a Pilgrimage done for somebody helps, then why not make someone sleep on your behalf!

SONA SPA adapted from a play, writer & director, Makrand Deshpande explains that the film is inspired by the commercial world where everything is up for sale. It brings the serious issue of lack of sleep due to various reasons that altogether causes unhealthy and tiring life. ''If somebody is not feeling fresh and is longing for a nap, then one just needs to call SONA SPA and as per their contract, the sleep workers will sleep on their behalf. So you don't need to take pills or consume alcohol to go to sleep. The catch is that when a sleep worker is sleeping your sleep, then he or she is also dreaming your dreams. This changes the genre from being a drama to a thriller!''

The film also shows Naseeruddin Shah in a dramatic character of 'Baba Dayanand' and Makrand recalls ''Working with Naseer was like a celebration and not work pressure. He has been watching my plays for last 15 years and he watched the rehearsals of this play too, though he was not a part of the play, but when I asked him for the movie, he instantly agreed, since he was convinced with the idea.''

SONA SPA, produced by Miraj Entertainment, releases March 22, 2013.

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