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March 9, 2013 09:52:34 AM IST
updated March 9, 2013 01:06:20 PM IST
By Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial
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It has become an accepted fact that now the remakes of the films from the past is one of the easiest ways to finish off a film. It all started with AGNEEPATH in a big way, and now in the current year, there are two films in offing which are remake of the super hit films from the past, they being HIMMATWALA and CHASHME BADDOOR. One could argue that DEVDAS as a film has been made thrice over so has been PARINEETA . But here one needs to inject the caveat that be it DEVDAS or PARINEETA, they were adopted from literary works and a work of literature can always be interpreted in a different manner by different filmmakers. A live example is that of William Shakespeare whose works continue to inspire filmmakers and every film makers tries to interpret it in a different manner. AGNEEPATH has been used as the reference point, as it was an inspiration from the original version itself.

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download CHASHME BADDOOR wallpapers
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A new twist in the tale of remaking hit films from the past has been added by the PVR Director's Rare who could emerge as the real game changer in the current year by virtue of their decision to re-release the original CHASHME BUDDOOR on the same day when the remake is being released. It has not happened before on the screen that a remake and the original are being released simultaneously on the same day.

If one were to analyze the reason for undertaking this exercise, one can say that it is the brand equity of the original film that comes into play, and it could be positioned against the remake to underline the fact perhaps that an original is an original, while a remake is a remake and it cannot compare with the original.

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The original CHASHME BUDDOOR was one of the most romantic films that hit the Indian screen, and it was one of the most neat and clean films that have ever hit the screen. Sai Paranjpe's film came at a time when the economy of the country was still in its social throes, and for three unemployed friends to eke out a daily living was a challenge, and they depended on the neighbor paan wala for their survival. In the present times, such kind of state of penury for the youth is not a reality, as there indeed are scores of temporary jobs available which were not in existence at all more than 25 years ago.

May be, this could be the trigger for PVR cinemas to perhaps provide an opportunity for the youth of the present times to see for themselves, by re-releasing the original CHASHME BUDDOOR, how two generations ago romance used to happen, how friends eked out their living and how with the changing times the things have changed.

It is the nature of content that could indeed have been the trigger. If this experimentation succeeds, who knows PVR could have created a new business model of re-releasing films which are being re-made to provide comparison and contrast to the audience and leave it to them to see which one scores. May be HIMMATWALA could also be re-released to tell the fans of the cinema of the present times how Jeetendra and Sridevi ruled at the box office, and who know Prakash Mehra Productions could re-release ZANJEER as well, on the same day when re-make is being released. It indeed is a portent for interesting times.


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