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Nivedita Bhattacharya: People should watch SONA SPA with open-mind

March 22, 2013 05:54:42 PM IST
By Rachana Sheth, Glamsham Editorial
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The popular face of TV, Ads and Theatre, Nivedita Bhattacharya, who is sporadically seen in movies, is all set for her upcoming film SONA SPA, which releases today. Nivedita plays an intriguing character with various shades. Though she plays a simple sleep worker, who sleeps on behalf of her clients and in turn has access to their dreams; the background of her character is that of a prostitute, which raises eyebrows of many in the film. However, Nivedita says that it is not detrimental to the kind of work she does or people around her.

view SONA SPA stills
view SONA SPA stills

''The entire concept is about buying sleep at Sona Spa. Here sleep worker sleep on behalf of their clients who lack the desired sleep. I am playing one of the sleep workers in the film and there are other girls who too sleep for their clients. The girls here sleep for their clients and not with their clients. So it is absolutely a clean film. Moreover the background of my character being a prostitute has nothing to do with my profession of a sleep worker. It's not detrimental to anyone in anyway. Everyone has a past so do my character has. My character spices up the goings in the film. It brings certain humor in the happenings. It's pretty exciting as it has various shades. ''

The sleep worker not just sleeps on behalf of their client but they also have access to the dreams. So ask if the girls, the sleep workers, possess some supernatural power to access other's dreams and she says, ''The girls do have a special power to access their clients' dream. However, there is no supernatural element involved here. See everything comes at a cost. So does the sleep. If one wants a sound sleep one has to give access to their dream. It's quite logical dreams are part and parcel of sleep. Whenever one sleeps dreams are bound to come. If I am sleeping on someone's behalf naturally I have an access to the dreams as well.''

The prime reason of doing SONA SPA for Nivedita was Makarand Deshpande. As Nivedita is a big fan and admirer of Makarand's work. The duo has worked together on number of Plays. Nivedita praises Makarand, ''It's always fun to be part of Makarand's ventures. He allows his actors to explore and go to the next level. He gives them that capability to figure out themselves.''

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SONA SPA is inspired from a Hindi Play, which was again written & directed by Makarand Deshpande. However, the Play didn't star Naseeruddin Shah. His role was specially designed for this film. With the presence of actor like Naseer, it is obvious the focus will be entirely on him. ''The character of Baba which Naseeruddin plays in the film was very much prevalent in the Play as well. The only difference is in the Play we don't get to see this character. It existed only in the narrative. Talking about Naseer's presence then let me tell you nothing gets less or more with his addition. Every role, every character and every actor has justified part in it. On the contrary, it has gone ten-fold higher or ten notches higher,'' says Nivedita.

Since SONA SPA releases today, ask her what should audience expect out of it and she says, ''All I would like to say is people should watch SONA SPA with open mind. Such films are not every day subject. They come once in a while. People should not watch it pre-conceived notion.''

Produced by Miraj Entertainment, SONA SPA releases today 22nd March 2013.