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Sonam Nair: Karan Johar doesn't know how to make real and normal films

May 8, 2013 06:30:55 PM IST
By Rachana Sheth, Glamsham Editorial
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Sonam Nair, the first female director in Dharma camp, who is gearing up for her debut film GIPPI, says that the film is quite inspired from her own life. ''My first film GIPPI is quite influenced by my own life. Nearly 60-70 % of it is inspired from my life. The plot didn't happen to me but I did come across similar incidents and characters. And I think every teenager will relate with it.''

view GIPPI stills
view GIPPI stills

Despite the only female among male-dominated Dharma camp, Sonam was never intimidated from approaching Karan Johar. In fact, she was comfortable with the camp long back as she assisted Ayan in WAKE UP SID! And from that point she has been in touch the production house. Says Sonam, ''I am really comfortable at Dharma because I have been coming here since WAKE UP SID! Time. I am also very close to all the directors here...Even I met Karan quite a few times. So we kind of knew each other. It was my comfort zone. And I'm sure even Karan must not have thought so...He liked the script and it wasn't a task to convince him.''

However, Sonam was little skeptical about GIPPI shaping up well. She discloses, ''When I wrote GIPPI various thoughts crossed my mind ki thik se banegi ki bhi nahi, it will translate well or not. But I was more than satisfied when I saw the first trailer and it boost my confidence.''

Since Dharma Films are known for their glossy, larger than-life kinda outings, ask Sonam if she had the pressure of retaining the flavor of the prestigious camp of film industry and she says, ''Karan never put any pressure on me to make it in a certain way since he doesn't know how to make real and normal films, he left the onus onto me...On the contrary it was I who kept thinking while making the film that I want retain the flavor of Dharma. We didn't have big locations, big monies or designer clothes but when you will see the film you'll realize how aesthetically it is made. I wanted GIPPI to look visually appealing. The casting is also very Dharma style and not from the streets of Mumbai...I wanted it to look like a perfect Dharma film...Personally, I also like glossy films so I was never under the situation where I had to alter the script and all.''

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Ask her if film industry needs more female filmamkers and whose work she admires in Bollywood and she says, ''I think it would be great if we got more female filmmakers because the stories can be different. It's not necessary that every women should make women-oriented films only. Like a Zoya Akhtar made ZINDAGI but there was something different about it which a guy has ever made. I really admired her work. I think Farah is amazing...she is the woman, who has made the most money, like full commercial women filmmaker...Looking at Farah you can never say Oh! The film is directed by a lady. Even Gauri Shinde has done beautiful work with ENGLISH VINGLISH...I am so excited that these are the people that I am going to join now...,'' she adds, ''Not to condescend anybody but 10 years ago it was too arty...The women used to make films only on village and rape...Nobody wanted to see it. Now it's like a proper group of filmmakers who are successful and tell different stories.''

After GIPPI, Sonam is looking forward to direct a comedy film, as that is the genre which she enjoys the maximum. ''I am closed to comedy genre. It comes easily to me. I enjoy making people laugh. It will be funny, coming-of-age comedy but not a slapstick. It will probably have real humor with real situations.''

But ask if she plans to work with superstars in her next and she says, ''Not really...May be the young actors but not superstars as I can't handle them.''

Produced by Karan Johar, GIPPI, starring Riya Viz and Lalit Modi's niece Jayati Modi, releases this Friday 10 May 2013.