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Is GIPPI Karan Johar's boldest film?

May 15, 2013 06:22:31 PM IST
By Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial
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It indeed is a paradox that on the one hand one raves and rants against the cinematic fraternity for supposedly hurtling down the throat of the viewer's inane song and dance drama, but when something serious and thought provoking is made, the footfalls in the audience are so scanty that one wonders whether double standards are not being followed. GIPPI produced by Karan Johar falls in this genre. It is a sensitive film which tells the story of a girl who is at the cusp of the teenage and the existentialist dilemma that she faces in the process of growing up, and the societal norms and parameters that she has to scale herself, having been brought up in such a manner per se, that the physical transformation that she is undergoing, is not accepted as a natural process of growth but rather as a butt of ridicule.

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download GIPPI wallpapers

This aspect has been sensitively highlighted through GIPPI and one needs to compliment Karan Johar as a producer that the journey that he started with KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI by focusing on a girl growing up in this world, and continuing to use the teenage girl as an integral part of his narrative has now up scaled it to bring into relief the issues pertaining to her growing, the awareness of her sexuality and other related issues. Some critics have carped that the subject matter of the girl growing up and the associated issues have been dealt in a very childish manner, but the moot point is, who is the producer who is even trying to address such issues through cinema at all. Even comments have been made about reference to sexual organs of the girl and the boy being taught in the class, but the moot point is, whether references have been at all made through cinema to even instill a sense of awareness about the nomenclature of these organs? Karan Johar has been bold and confident enough to allow his director to explore the facet in as simplistic manner as could be possible to unplug the exorcism associated with the process of growing.

To understand the travails of growing up, one needs to go creep into the mind of the teenage girl, and that too if she also has to cope up with the societal pressure of being endowed with rather a plump figure. One wonders whether the choice of plump figure given to the character in GIPPI is Karan Johar's reference point of his being fat in his growing years, and underlining the fact that indeed children can be fat while growing up, and Karan Johar has been rather candid talking about it, and it is creditable for Karan Johar that he has not ridiculed this physical aberration which has become rather a norm for the kids growing up.

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Besides, one more commendable part of GIPPI has been the use of Shammi Kapoor songs, indeed, for kids growing up in small towns and cities, the songs of Shammi Kapoor provide the perfect platform to shed all inhibitions and dance in gay abandon, as it has been shown in GIPPI and would also be underlined in YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI another KJO film coming this month.

GIPPI as a film indeed needs to be shown in the schools as it will help a great way in exorcising the taboos associated with girls growing up into women, more so for the boys and they would be empathic in dealing with their classmates.


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