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Prithviraj: AIYYAA was never a big Bollywood start

May 20, 2013 04:56:03 PM IST
By Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
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Prithviraj has managed to impress audience once again with a controlled act in AURANGZEB. Being in complete control of the affairs by neither taking on an over-brooding avatar nor coming up with a cliche'd portrayal of a cop, Prithviraj has managed to keep himself real in a commercial affair like this.

download AURANGZEB wallpapers
download AURANGZEB wallpapers

'I just kept in mind that I had to be honest to the film's script. I could have taken a filmy route but that was not the requirement here,'' says Prithviraj.

With all the appreciation continuing to flow in, Prithviraj is understandably happy that none less than Yash Raj entrusted faith in him to deliver.

'As a matter of fact I was pleasantly surprised that I was offered a character like this on which the entire film was based,' he continues, 'For someone like Adi (Aditya Chopra) to think that I would be able to pull it off was a very big certificate. In all contexts, this film has managed to pave a path for me in Bollywood.'

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He can indeed consider himself to be fortunate on that aspect since the kick-start in this industry was hardly flattering; what with his debut Hindi film AIYYAA finding criticism coming its way from all quarters.

'Well, it was a very original film though I must admit that when it came to me, it was not meant to be this big Bollywood bonanza,' he says, 'When Anurag (Kashyap) offered the film to me, it was supposed to be a niche affair. In any case, I have done 70-75 films already in South and never looked at AIYYAA as this big Bollywood start.'

Guess Prithviraj can afford to move on, now that AURANGZEB has ensured a steady platform for him.


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