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Dr. Arun Sharma: RGV's SATYA 2 is about the common man!

October 17, 2013 05:56:23 PM IST
By Abid, Glamsham Editorial
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Not many will be aware that one of the producers of RGV's SATYA 2, Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma, is academically quite qualified and that too in the field of management. That was one of the reasons which made us very keen to talk to him and discuss about the theme, newcomers and of course Ram Gopal Varma!


Says Dr. Sharma, ''SATYA 2 is basically about the common people, who land in Mumbai with stars in their eyes, to achieve and set up something in life and help the common man. So many big industrialists and entrepreneurs have followed the same path. Even I came to Mumbai a while back and now running my own organization (LR Industries). That is precisely the reason why we needed new faces for SATYA 2. '' Please go on... ''As you may recall even Manoj Bajpayee was a relatively new face for cinema and became the celebrity that he is today after SATYA, his biggest claim to fame.''

When we queried him about the choice of Ram Gopa Varma, despite all the recent setbacks, Dr. Sharma clarified, '' You see there are ups and downs in every individual's life, and so we cannot say that someone is finished. Many top names of the film industry have been given up as 'finished', but they are still there, churning out hits after hits. We have full faith in the capabilities of RGV. And even I am here to stay and my innings will continue, irrespective of SATYA 2's fate, though we are very confident about it. ''

While we bid adieu to the pleasant mannered Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma, here's wishing the best to his debut production venture, SATYA 2, which hits the cinemas on October 25.




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