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Tulsi Kumar: Sonu Nigam and my brother Bhushan Kumar are on good talking terms

August 1, 2014 6:10:40 PM IST
By Rachana Sheth, Glamsham Editorial
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Daughter of T-series music label's founder & film producer late Gulshan Kumar and li’l sis of current head honcho of the music company Bhushan Kumar, Tulsi Kumar has carved her own niche in the industry by crooning soft, romantic and soothing numbers in the films like YAARIYAN, AASHIQUI 2, ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI, READY, ACTION REPLAYY, DABANGG 2, HUMKO DEEWANA KAR GAYE and many others. In an exclusive tête-à-tête for glamsham’s special section Music Mania, Tulsi candidly spoke on various topics. Read On.

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What place AASHIQUI 2 holds for you?
AASHIQUI 2 was lucky and blessed project for all the people attached with it. Whether it was actors, singers or composers, it brought everyone into the limelight. AASHIQUI as a franchise has been lucky for all. Even at that time it was with newcomers and it catapulted everyone in a bigger way, like it brought everyone in this era.

It was very special for me because this was the project that was started by my father back in the 90s. At that time, I started my training for music, especially classical, and I was all of 5 or 6 yrs of age. When AASHIQUI 2 was announced and I was pitched as one of the singers, I was extremely excited because I was going to get a chance to live my father’s dream. It was he who wanted me to get into the field of singing that’s the reason I am here today. Being part of A2, it brought back lot of emotional things for me. Plus the songs were received so well, the music did extremely good and appreciated which usually doesn’t happen in today’s time.
We’ve mostly heard you singing romantic and soothing numbers. Do we expect raunchy item numbers or fast-paced peppy songs from you now?
Actually, I don’t know if I'm meant for item numbers or can render it. But I would definitely love to do fast-paced numbers. But before saying that, if you have gone through my list, then you will realise that I started with fast-paced songs with Himesh Reshammiya (‘Janabe Jaaniya’), then other version of ‘Tum Saanson Mai’ from HUMKO DEEWANA KAR GAYE. All these have been fast. But it so happened in the middle that I was being offered a lot of romantic songs, especially after ‘Tum Jo Aaye Zindagi Mein’ (ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI). And I enjoy doing romantic songs because that’s my comfort zone. But I would like to be known for my unique singing and show versatility rather than just being typecast for sad romantic songs. Apparently, I have recorded a fast-paced track in LEELA, but it's slightly folkish and not an item song.

Talking about raunchy lyrics, I don’t think I’ll be very comfortable doing that. There’s a difference between fast paced and an item song. I am more ready for fast-paced songs which have decent lyrics because I don’t think I will be able to do justice to those raunchy ones. I don’t think I can reflect that side. Your personality reflects in the kind of songs you do.

Is it also because of the kind of reputation your father and brother has in the market, especially your father, as he was inclined towards devotional songs?
You are absolutely correct in saying that I am not even that type because I come from a certain background and I have to live up to that expectation but more than that it’s not my choice to do those kind of songs. While it may be order of the day and audiences also like it, I won’t be comfortable rendering cheap or raunchy lyrics, as that’s not my personality. But if an item number is with good lyrics I will give it a shot.

'I am very emotional and not a business oriented person'

Like your father and brother, do you wish to set your own business someday or contribute in the company?
I am not a part of T-series’ any administrative work, but definitely I am involved into the creative side of the company. We have gotten into lot of production of films. My contribution is that I am rendering songs and here for the company, whenever they need me. I am very much involved musically. But I don’t have any separate plans or intentions. I am very emotional. and not a business-oriented person. I’ll stick to my singing because through this only I will be a part of the company. I am doing my bit. We are also coming up with a new channel for kids on the video sharing platform.  So, I am doing nursery rhymes, story telling things.

Do you have plans to compose for your own songs?
Why not? If my brother approves of it, you never know may be I’ll also compose one day. I would definitely love to compose but I have not yet started anything on that. I think it will just come out naturally. I haven’t planned it.


Are you working on any of the singles?

As of now I am concentrating too much on Bollywood. I do have couple of projects in hand. For singles, I have had a word but nothing really finalised. I will talk about it only when something concrete is happening. But I definitely want to do single. When the time is right and when we have correct song in hand, it’s only then I’ll do it.




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