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When Kanpur panwallahs helped KATIYABAAZ team!

August 14, 2014 3:09:26 PM IST
By Glamsham Editorial
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KATIYABAAZ, which is based entirely on electricity crisis, had been shot for over one and a half year in Kanpur. Since the film is based on electricity theft, the makers wanted to capture the entire process to present the problems before the audience. This required them to constantly be around the electric poles to capture the fall out bang on as they wanted it to be realistic.

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It was a difficult task for the makers as there were a number of electric poles in Kanpur and being around a pole at the right time was not possible. Soon the makers had found their way out of this tight spot. They decided to share their telephone numbers with the panwallahs who sat below these electric poles.

This was done to establish a sense of network with the panwallahs. From then, every time there was a fall out, the panwallahs would make a call first to the team of KATIYABAAZ and not the electricity department. This made it simple for the makers to encapsulate the reality. The directors would reach the spot at the earliest and get their perfect shot.


The panwallahs were aware of the idea behind their documentary and came across as a lot of help to the KATIYABAAZ team. It became a day-to-day chore for the panwallahs to contact the makers at the time of the fall out.

The connection between the two grew so strong that the directors still get calls from the panwallahs at the time of a fall out. The panwallahs are not aware of the fact that they are no longer shooting and still would make calls to the team.

KATIYABAAZ starring Loha Singh, Ritu Maheshwari & others is directed by Deepti Kakkar & Fahad Mustafa and is set to release on 22nd August, 2014.




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