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Aditi Singh Sharma: I'm insanely in love with Shahrukh Khan & Ranbir Kapoor

July 19, 2014 1:40:48 PM IST
updated September 11, 2014 6:26:28 PM IST
By Urvi Parikh, Glamsham Editorial
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After churning out some of Bollywood’s chartbusters like ‘Raabta’, ‘Dhoom Machale’ ‘Dilli’, ‘Offo’ among others, singer Aditi Singh Sharma has had an impressive run in B-town. While others strive hard to make it big in Bollywood, Sharma, who is known for her ‘powerhouse performances', has ensured a place for herself in the music world! In an exclusive encounter, the ‘Rockstar’ opens up about her journey, upcoming projects and her insane love for Badshah Shahrukh Khan and heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor in glamsham’s special section Music Mania.

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view more ADITI SINGH SHARMA photo gallery

What inspired you to be a singer?
I have been singing since I was a baby. Also I was a rock singer in Delhi. So I really didn’t have any inspiration as such because it is something that I have always done.

So how did Bollywood singing happen to you?
I met Vishal (Dadlani) and Ehsaan (Noorani) during JD Rock awards which I hosted for two years in 2007 and 2008. There they heard me sing English songs and that is when they asked me ‘Do you sing in Hindi?’ to which I said yes and sent my CD. Ehsaan played the CD to Shankar (Mahadevan), who called me up and said we should work together. That was a big moment for me. Eventually I came down to Mumbai and sang for HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2. After that I had two gigs with my band where Amit Trivedi had come for one of those shows. He too offered me a song and I visited his studio. I tried it without knowing what song was it and finally it came out at as ‘Yahi Meri Zindagi’ from DEV D.

'I worked very hard on ‘Raabta’'

How do you prepare for your songs?
Most of the times when I have recorded, I have done them on the spot. Lot of times what happens is we record the song and then they do one more take the next day. Then obviously in those situations you know what kind of song you have to sing so you can probably prepare for it.

Any particular song which required some kind of special preparation?
I worked very hard on ‘Raabta’. Lot of time it is not just the singing but other things which need to be taken care of. In ‘Raabta’, because it was a soft song, the feeling had to come, so that song I had to work hard on. I think the effort was more because I had to get the feelings and emotions right. Even ‘Heroine’, ‘Dhoom’, ‘Offo’, the feelings had to come right because somewhere you know it that you are singing the title track or the main song of the movie. There is lot of pressure because the actors on whom it is being featured, they are so good, so if I don’t sing it properly then it will not look good on-screen.




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