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Ranveer Singh: I had sex out of curiosity

September 24, 2014 5:06:49 PM IST
updated September 24, 2014 8:02:01 PM IST
By Rachana Sheth, Glamsham Editorial
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If there is one actor who doesn’t shy away from taking bold moves, then it has to be Ranveer Singh. He turned the Brand ambassador for a condom brand, where other stars would think twice before taking it up. He pushed the envelope ahead and courageously took the challenge to endorse it.
Ask what made him do it and Ranveer discloses, “I was out promoting somewhere and when I just saw few hoardings while in the car, I realized that everyone is into selling some or other thing but nobody is selling condoms. So I was shocked. I thought the ads which we do are lusty and provocative ones. But that should not be the only prevailing definition of sex. Indian society has evolved; our attitude towards the subject has changed. We can have open and healthy conversation now. Somebody needs to highlight and bring it in open otherwise people will keep treating it as taboo when you’ve come long way which is the fact of the matter. I thought why any mainstream actor doesn’t endorse the use of condom? I had this idea and called up the people at condom brand. As I gave them the idea, they jumped at it instantly and we decided to go about it.”

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But didn’t he think of it being a huge risk to his image? “I knew it’s going to be a huge risk, either I am going to get two thumbs up or a hard slap. I was taking a big risk so as the brand. But nevertheless we took it and came with a brilliant campaign.”

'On the contrary, I did get a lot of brownie points for it and comments like it’s a big step to see a mainstream actor in this sort of space, speaking openly, and celebrating sex without treating it something dirty. The first step in endorsement space was great success and things just followed. And I am still hung up about the creatives,” he adds.   

Very few have the audacity to tell all about their sex life and Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh is one of them.

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Ranveer uninhibitedly revealed about his first sex encounter. “I had sex at 12. I started everything early. In fact so much so that all the mothers used to say he (Ranveer) is that rotten apple who is spoiling all our kids.  I used to hold sermons with all the boys surrounding me and used to teach them. Everybody is listening to me with wide eyes open and I became the expert… I thought I can do thesis. I had that keeda. But I got into lot of trouble. All my friends’ mother still remember me as the naughty, mischievous brat who used to spoil everyone…”  

But ask him was it out of love or lust and he quips, “Truthfully, out of curiosity and I had it with older woman.”
While Ranveer’s great pal Arjun Kapoor recently revealed that he prefers one night stands, surprisingly Ranveer doesn’t encourage the same.  “I think each to its own. I don’t endorse it. I am not going to encourage anybody,” says the actor.

Ranveer has as good as three biggies lined-up YRF’s KILL DIL, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s BAJIRAO MASTAANI and Zoya Akhtar’s DIL DHADKNE DO.

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