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Babbar Boy and his powerful performances

August 10, 2015 10:53:44 AM IST
By Moody Marty, Glamsham Editorial
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When excessive promotions can bomb in your face!
Promoting a movie takes a lot; a lot of travelling to various cities, malls, radio stations… Promotional activities at times can be more grueling than the actual shoot. Today, actors have it embedded in their contract that they will have to do ‘X' amount of visits in ‘X' amount of cities.

But do the actors really have a choice in promoting a movie? I mean, what if they feel that the movie is not up to the mark, or has not shaped up according to the blue-print they had in hand. What happens then?

Obviously all that promotional activity and positive things they have to say about the movie does blacken their face in a way, after the movie is released.

BANGISTAN is a recent case in point. Riteish Deshmukh and Pulkit Samrat were all over promoting the movie; no fault of theirs. As actors, they had to, especially if it was ‘embedded' in their contract. But it does leave a bad taste in the mouth, especially if creative people are honest with their craft, which I believe most are.

Creative people have more responsibility towards the audience they are luring into the theatre, especially if they know the product they are endorsing (in this case a movie), is not meeting with the standards they have set for themselves.


Babbar Boy and his powerful performances
Speaking of promotions, Arya Babbar will be a happy and content man. Not because the film has bombed, but because he was not part of the promotional activities. “The film should do well and your performance should speak, that's all that matters to me,” he told me a few weeks ago. For Arya, he had done what was expected and was waiting for the film's release. He is feeling bad that the movie has not done well. “We all worked really very hard,” he says.

Another time the Babbar Boy escaped the noose (so to speak) was when MATRU KI BIJLEE KA MANDOLA bombed big time. Within three days there was a placard outside a suburban multiplex saying that the show was cancelled. The Babbar Boy was not involved, or rather not included in the promotions. However, his role was the one that won the ceetis and taalis.

He stripped himself of whatever roles he had played till then, and presented himself afresh. He was a delight to watch as the ‘spoilt-to-the-core' rich brat. It could have been easy for a lesser actor to ham all the way, but the Babbar Boy made it look swell!

In BANGISTAN, too, he is there for brief moments, and he makes every moment count!

Endorsement and the belief in a product!
Since we are on the topic of promotions, I would like to know if these actors did actually use  the products they endorse(d)…

Saif and Kareena Kapoor: Is Head and Shoulders shampoo on their shelves in the bathroom?

Shahrukh Khan: Does he wear Inners On?

Salman Khan: Is he on a daily diet of Revital tablets?

Sachin Tendulkar: Does he write with a Reynolds pen and does he have Aviva policies for Sara and Arjun?

Hrithik Roshan: Is he into Macroman underwear?

Alia Bhatt: Does she use Garnier face wash?

Parineeta Chopra: Is she into the total face clean up from Nivea?

Arjun Rampal: Does he shave with Nivea Shaving Cream?

John Abraham: Is Garnier clear face wash in his bathroom cabinet?

And finally, Kareena again… is she doing the insidewala snann with Tetley Green Tea?

I'm not even asking if Akshay Kumar, the fitness freak, ever drank Thumbs Up or if Madhuri Dixit ever prepares Veg Atta Noddles at home!

Legend has it that the late Dara Singh was once asked to endorse a particular brand of ghee. He agreed to do so only after testing it on himself for a month. Satisfied with the result, he did endorse that product.

Bottom line is clear, if you are not using it or have tested it, is it OK to endorse it?

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