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HATE STORY 3 director Vishal Pandya: I never wanted Karan Singh Grover, Sharman Joshi, Zareen Khan and Daisy Shah in my film

December 3, 2015 5:36:30 PM IST
By Shaheen Irani, Glamsham Editorial
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He was the man who got credited for HATE STORY 2 success.  And now that his upcoming movie HATE STORY 3 is all set to release, director Vishal Pandya couldn't be more excited. We exclusively interviewed the man behind the camera and he revealed some interesting yet surprising facts like he didn't actually want to cast Sharman Joshi, Zareen Khan, Karan Singh Grover or Daisy Shah for HATE STORY 3. In fact, he didn't want to make HATE STORY 3. He even spoke about how he plans to switch from thriller to comedy and many other things.

Here are the excerpts:


How did you finalize on the cast of HATE STORY 3?
I never wanted Karan Singh Grover, Sharman Joshi, Zareen Khan and Daisy Shah. They were never on my list. There were many others we had approached, but they said no. I can't tell you how I finalized on the cast. But I'm really happy those actors said no because if they wouldn't have refused, then I wouldn't get the star cast I have got. Generally we call an actor good, gorgeous, beautiful - but I have no words for Zareen because more than anything, she's a beautiful soul. Zareen and Sharman are only connected with their work. They've not only given 100%, they've given more than 5000% for this film. Even Karan in that matter. I had gone and told many people that I don't want to do this film with the actors. But Bhushan ji has good vision of getting actors. Sometimes when an actor refuses, you get demotivated and say let's find a new actor. But Bhushan ji said how can they refuse? Did you ask them? Till you don't ask them, how can they refuse? You don't worry, we'll even go to the other actor you have in mind and then see what happens. So he's the one who can make a project big and a small actor look big. Day by day, I used to give narration to actors. So by the time it came to him, I was so confident that I didn't even realize about the actors who turned me down. When I narrated the script to Sharman, Zareen and Karan, they were so hooked that they said they want to do the film. I was looking for a known actor who hasn't done such a role, and that's what happened!

'HATE STORY 3 director Vishal Pandya: Was looking for a known actor who hasn't done an erotic thriller'

Both your movies are eroticas, so any chance that you'll step into some other genre?
There are very few directors, actually not even that – it's just me who makes this nice erotic thriller which is for multiplexes as well as single screens. Otherwise, there are some eroticas where with the dialogues or variations, I'll be like I cannot see this. I want to be that director who can make good thriller with erotic in it, which doesn't look cheap. I don't put scenes forcefully. If you would've seen HATE STORY 2, there were many complaints that it has erotic portions in the movie. But there was only a smooch scene, which is very normal. So if you go to see, I don't make erotic films, but yes, the concept is there. And even with the concept, the movie isn't full of erotic scenes. So I will move away from erotic thrillers, but not right now. I've just started and am only 2-film old. It's too soon to move. Once I was talking to a distributor and he said a very nice thing. I said I have made a good thriller and now I want to make a comedy. He said don't do that Vishal. Right now there are a few directors who make good thrillers and you're part of them. So don't go away from this – just make a stand there, then you can try. I want to be a good director where people want to see my film. With the response I'm getting for HATE STORY 3, they'd surely want to see more of my films later also.

So will we being seeing you direct a comedy film?
Not yet yaar. Because I just want to make my forte in thriller right now. I think the way I'm going is just superb. After HATE STORY 2, I came up with HATE STORY 3, and people have appreciated that. So when they appreciate my film, they appreciate my work. That's why I need to give them more of what they want to see. That's what I'm doing after HATE STORY 3 also.

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