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Humor special: DILWALE AND BAJIRAO MASTANI both will be blockbusters, SRK and SLB confirm

December 18, 2015 9:29:05 AM IST
By Vishal Verma, Glamsham Editorial
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A path breaking revelation by SRK and SLB promises to set new trends in future B-town big clashes. Read it know how it happened. 

It's the wee hours of the year's most eventful Friday. DILWALE AND BAJIRAO MASTANI has hit the theatres waiting patiently for the audience reaction that will start pouring in within couple of hours.
B-town's tall and beautiful Deepika Padukone is rehearsing for her final leg of promotions. As the doorbell rings, her alleged beau Ranveer Singh makes a surprise entry. maar daala, maar daala


Not happy with Ranveer's sudden entry like a Bollywood biggie announcing its release after one has already done. Deepika confronts, “What is wrong with you, your line of promotions are over. Go take some rest. I have to give a speech at AIWLF (All India Women Liberation Front) in the afternoon. Please don't disturb. We will romance after this weekend, when the audience is happy with BAJIRAO MASTANI's content inside and our producers are happy with the numbers outside”.

Ranveer shoots back, “Honey you are partly right, it's the numbers outside that I am worrying about”. Deepika changes her emotion and shares the same sentiment. “Yeah me too, I have a suggestion but don't know how will SRK and SLB will take it,” she says. 

“We can make a try, let's call SLB and share our concern” says Ranveer. An excited Deepika whispers in Ranveer's ears, “You don't want to know what I have in mind before anyone else”. “Surprises are much better my love” declares Ranveer.

Following her lovers orders Deepika calls SLB. Unbelievably he picks up the phone in the first ring itself. “Sir you are awake, I believed you might be sleeping”. SLB replies sharing the same sentiments expressed by Ranveer and Deepika, “I am a bit worried” he says. 
“I have a solution” says Deepika sounding confident. “Shoot” orders SLB. “Please come to Mannat SRK's house”, urges Deepika, leaving Ranveer speechless. “Are you nuts!? I asked you to shoot your suggestion not ‘shoot' my rival,” SLB yells. 

“Sir, I am not shooting anyone, in fact bridging a gap and trying to set the biggest example Bollywood have ever seen, trust me,” explains Deepika. SLB calms down and agrees to head towards Mannat.

Deepika, Ranveer and SLB enter Mannat. SRK, who is awake checking the advance bookings of DILWALE opens the door. SRK, “Shocking surprise.. what brings you here at this time” asks King Khan. SLB takes the initiative and says, “Deepika has an offer which even real life GODFATHERS cannot refuse”. 

SRK smiles and says, “I never say no to girls and Deepika is my girl, my find through OM SHANTI OM. SLB replied,“I agree you are a real SAAWARIYA amongst girls”.

“I know” acknowledges SRK. Turning towards Deepika, he says, “Tell me what I can do for you”.

Deepika in her poise, charm and dignity says, “What if the audiences get a unique DILWALE MASTANI offer.” 

“Bring it on,” asks SRK.

Patrons of DILWALE will get tickets of BAJIRAO MASTANI free, same way buyers of BAJIRAO MASTANI tickets will receive free tickets of DILWALE. <i>Ek par ek free<i/>. Isn't it unique?”

A pin drop silent is observed for a moment and suddenly Rohit Shetty and Priyanka Chopra make a dashing entry smashing the walls with one of his beloved cars.

“CLASSIC. IT'S A HIT,!” shouts Rohit Shetty in full excitement. Deepika humbly asks SRK and SLB, “Do you agree”. 

“Yes we do, DILWALE AND BAJIRAO MASTANI both will be blockbusters” SRK and SLB reply in chorus. 

“This will avoid any eating up of shares and producers will enjoy equal share. We will distribute whatever money is earned from DILWALE and BAJIRAO MASTANI it in equal proportions so no loss, all gain. This will definitely set an example for future clashes like SULTAN, RAEES etc. No crying foul and no competition again,” SRK & SLB conclude. 

(The views expressed in the above write up are purely the imagination of the author. The websites does not hold any responsibility.)

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