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Sharman Joshi: Even if HATE STORY 3 makers had approached Shah Rukh Khan, I wouldn't care

December 2, 2015 6:07:08 PM IST
By Shaheen Irani, Glamsham Editorial
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We have always appreciated his caliber as an actor. Usually seen as a ‘good boy' in films, he is now turning to erotic thriller HATE STORY 3, which is scheduled to release this Friday. Yes, we are talking about Sharman Joshi - the actor made a mark in theatre, came into films, left theatre and is back at it and did few but impactful roles in 3 IDIOTS, GOLMAAL, RANG DE BASANTI and others. For the first time, Sharman is set to experiment with his image through HATE STORY 3. But guess what? HATE STORY 3 wasn't the first erotic film he was offered.  As we exclusively interviewed Sharman, he revealed the same. He also spoke about doing love-making scenes in HATE STORY 3, getting back to theatre and many other things

Here are some excerpts from the interview:


You have a good boy image in the industry. Did you expect to do a movie like HATE STORY 3?
It's a movie I've chosen. Because people don't know me as a person. From this erotica, I want to explore all possible genres. There have been occasions when these kinds of genre have come my way but I've somewhat not felt that it was the right one to do. When HATE STORY 3 came my way, I read the story and thought all was falling in place for me. I wanted to be really careful. There had to be a really fine balance. HATE STORY 3 has aesthetics which was great for me. As an actor, it's my job. People have liked the trailer, songs and my look. So at least in that aspect, I'm happy. I've never done this genre before, so the first time I do so, it's important to do it right or else it wouldn't be cool for me.

'Want to do commercial films like GOLMAAL'

After HATE STORY 3, you're going to be seen in 1950: LONDON. What made you shift your focus to thrillers?
That's a supernatural thriller. It has drama and everything. That again is a genre I've never done before. It's a Vikram Bhatt movie. For the past 3-4 years, there has only been exploration of various genres for me as an actor. I've done supernatural, erotic thriller, war comedy, ghost comedy. I found all this easy and not too exciting actually as an actor. I'm bored of that now. I want to do some singing and dancing – commercial films like GOLMAAL. And I'm actually doing TOM, DICK AND HARRY 2, so glad about that.

Apart from movies, you're also doing theatre. So are you polishing your skills? How tough does it get to manage both?
I'm so glad that I started from theatre. I got my first break in films through theatre. I continued doing theatre when 3 or 4 of my films were releasing. Then after RANG DE BASANTI and GOLMAAL, I quit theatre and then it's been like a 10 year gap. There were film commitments, and honestly also I was exhausted with theatre. Theatre takes a lot of energy. But sure enough, I knew there was going to be a point when I'll not do it. Just the last year I thought I should get back to it and decided to adapt a play that I had been a part of, in Gujarati. It's been a year since it's running. So time managing isn't that difficult. I give one and a half and two months for preparing and rehearsals. After that, once it's done and put together, then I can do four shows at an average. For me as an actor, it's so much satisfaction because delivering to live audience is a different kind of an excitement. Now I don't intend to stop theatre. I'm going to continue it all through my life.

So that's how you'll choose your films as well?
With films, I just want to up the antenna. I'll do it on a slow pace. I've been waiting for that great film to come my way.

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