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Kanu Behl: TITLI got boxed as noir thriller internationally, which it isn't

October 29, 2015 5:11:29 PM IST
By Shaheen Irani, Glamsham Editorial
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Have you seen TITLI movie trailer? If you have then you would know that there is no star in this YRF produced film except for Ranvir Shorey. Not only are the actors Shashank Arora and Shivani Raghuvanshi making their debut in this film, it is also director Kanu Behl's first movie. And with such a movie, it is only the content which can bring in audiences. When we exclusively interviewed Kanu Behl, he told us how TITLI came his way, why he chose the movie title and many other things.


We asked Kanu how the idea of the film came to him and he says, "It's out of personal experience. I've had a very difficult relationship growing up with my father. So while I was writing the film, I decided that I'll keep it personal and honest. So it began with me trying to recount my early experiences with my father. Very soon it grew from there. As me & Sharad started writing the film together, we started questioning the motivations of the other characters. The first draft was from Titli's point of view, which is essentially me. We thought that Titli's point of view is correct, but then later we started asking why Vikram or the father was behaving in a certain manner. As we wrote further, we discovered a lot of point of views in the film. So I think it's become a universal film that takes a look into every family value."

Ask Kanu if his directorial debut is fully based on his personal experience or there would be some fiction involved and he replied, "Of course it's a little fictionalised because if you don't fictionalise it then it comes out as personal rant, which I didn't want to do. The idea was to do a universal film that becomes more than just your own experience, because that's the only way it can connect to a broader audience. It was basically to start at a personal point but then disassociate yourself and look at the bigger formula and come out with something that connects to a broader audience."

Further ask if according to him, the movie will work through word of mouth (because there is no star as such in the movie, except Ranvir) and he said, "I think so. TITLI is an understandable and relatable film. It doesn't have any star except Ranvir. So I think the film depends on itself rather than the selling points. It's the story and content which might attract the audiences and hopefully the word will spread and people will talk about the film."

TITLI (which means a butterfly in English) comes out as something very soft and generous. But those who would've seen the movie trailer might think that it's a dark family drama.

So we absolutely had to ask why Kanu chose his movie title as TITLI (even when there's a different perception to the film). Kanu told us, "That's precisely why I chose TITLI as my movie title because I don't think it's a dark family drama. At the heart of it, I think it's a very hopeful film. It questions something we don't talk about. We are saying that we are taking you down a dark rabbit hole but there's light at the other end of the tunnel. It's not a film that'll debunk family, but it questions where we're going wrong and it ends on a really hopeful note - that there might be things we need to get right, but it can only come from starting a new family all over again."

If you followed TITLI closely, then you would know that the makers had released two trailers. So we asked the director his reason for releasing two seperate trailers of his films and he said, "I think it's a film that's really difficult to box because it has a lot of things. What was happening with the first trailer was that internationally it got boxed as a noir thriller, which the film really isn't. When you see the film, you'll get to know that it's completely submerged the noir genre. So we were trying to find a correct way for it to be seen and with the final trailer, we wanted to give the film a chance to be understood the way it should be."

On a concluding note, we asked Kanu how confident he is about his movie and if it is his ideal directorial debut. Said Kanu, "I'm not sure if this is my ideal debut or no. For me, the question isn't about how confident am I. I'm just happy that I made the film."

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