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Why TITLI gave Ranvir Shorey goosebumps?

October 29, 2015 4:00:07 PM IST
By Shaheen Irani, Glamsham Editorial
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Remember Bunty Khosla from KHOSLA KA GHOSLA or Asif Merchant from BHEJA FRY, RAW agent and Salman Khan's friend Gopi from EK THA TIGER?

By now you might have guessed that we are talking about the very talented actor Ranvir Shorey, who is going to be seen in TITLI tomorrow in theatres near you.


So just like you came across his memorable roles, when we exclusively interviewed Ranvir, we asked him if he thinks that people might find his role in TITLI also a memorable one and he said, "I hope so."

Also, did we tell you about how Ranvir Shorey's role was scripted keeping him in mind? When we asked Ranvir what made him choose TITLI, he immediately answered, "It was a fabulous script. Kanu (Behl) was interested to have me in the film. He told me that he wrote my TITLI character keeping me in mind, which isn't something I've done before. If as a writer, he thought of me while writing my part, so I'm very grateful for that & jumped on to do the role."

TITLI has a vital aspect in the movie, which is a family. So we asked Ranvir how important is family to him and he said, "Family is very important to me. And I think we are dealing with really important issues of the family which we are not really talking about in India. For example, violence in family or brutality when disciplining a child. Talking about a subject like this was one thing in the film that meant a lot to me. It talks about other things like patriarchy also. An aspect which was very close to my heart is that how we talk about incorporate punishment in the movie. Other societies have done away with violence at home and I think we should question our methods. We should ask ourselves if our method is the right method for our child because it's susceptible to extremes."

Further question Ranvir if there was anything he took back home from the film and Ranvir said, "TITLI talks about family and it must be a common emotion to love your family. Also, there must be a moment where someone has complete angst for their family, where you feel that are you in the wrong place. Kanu's film is beautiful because it says something so beautiful about family - that you can get away from your family, but you really can't."

"That's what is beautiful and it still gives me goosebumps. I'm very happy and proud that I got TITLI on my lap," concluded Ranvir.

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