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A scene in an aircraft that was really foolish!

April 4, 2016 12:12:01 PM IST
By Moody Marty, Glamsham Editorial
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A scene in an aircraft that was really foolish!
3 IDIOTS began in the most idiotic fashion; it was a fascinating movie though. You wonder where the movie was heading to when an aircraft returns to base after a passenger suffers a heart attack in the feeblest performance ever. R Madhavan feigns illness in such a fantastic, idiotic manner that it was over-acting at its best. But Rajkumar Hirani soon got his act and cast together to deliver a stunning product. He bounced back to stitch together a wonderful film and left us with a stunning last scene that had the audience in splits.


As for me, I have never laughed so hard before leaving a theatre. Hirani actually managed to show success chasing you. It was a movie on education at its best!

And thanks to the final product, the amateurish opening scene in the aircraft was soon forgotten.

Another amateurish aircraft scene!
The same cannot be said about R Balki's latest, KI & KA. Balki who gave us wonderful movies like CHEENI KUM and PAA begins his film in a most amateurish manner in an aircraft. The performance of Arjun Kapoor in this scene is feeble. Maybe, he was not convinced about the act he was to perform. He was to shed tears. It ended up being crocodile tears!


Not satisfied with his aircraft scene right upfront in the movie, Balki does a U-turn and ensures he reproduces the scene with the tables now turned on Kareena Kapoor: It is now her turn to shed tears (crocodile).

Like Arjun, Kareena too, is not convinced about this scene. She had shed enough real tears in a scene prior to this at the hospital where her mother was admitted. Balki had managed to show the turnaround in emotions between the couple.

This scene in the aircraft searching for her husband was just not ‘Balki'. It was more baalak!

Haunting scenes from Neerja in an aircraft!
The scenes in an aircraft that are still creating shockwaves are from director Ram Madhvani's NEERJA.


Chaos, anguish, hopelessness, helplessness, terror, turmoil... all these emotions and more caressed the faces of the passengers on board the Pan Am flight created to recreate the horror of 1986.

Shooting a major chunk of a film in an aircraft is a daunting task. We have seen edge-of-the-seat scenes in DIE-HARD and other Hollywood flicks on an aircraft. But this was perhaps, the first time that Bollywood scored big time with scenes in an aircraft.

Madhvani was helped by superb actors and an equally competent technical crew that brought alive the happenings on screen. The camera work brought the screen alive.

NEERJA, the film, really took off!

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