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EXCLUSIVE: Vikram Bhatt told me to treat the bold scenes in LOVE GAMES like a dialogue, says Patralekhaa

April 11, 2016 3:32:49 PM IST
By Shaheen Irani, Glamsham Editorial
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From growing up in the CITYLIGHTS to playing LOVE GAMES, Patralekhaa has surely had a varied share of learning in Bollywood at a very early stage of her career. But how has her journey been like? That's exactly when she revealed in an exclusive interview with us.


How did you bag the film?
I had gone to Bhatt saab since I wasn't getting great offers since CITYLIGHTS. The roles I was approached for weren't those which I wanted to take up. 6-7 months passed by, after which I went to Bhatt saab and told him that I'm not getting a film and he suggested me Vikram sir's name. I spoke to Vikram sir who wanted some glamourous pictures of me. I took some of those to him and got the film.

Did you think that you'd go for such a character ever?
Well, yes. I don't have to think because I'm an actor. I have to do my work. If I like a character, I'll do it. If not, I won't. Maybe tomorrow I play a psychopath or rape victim. I don't think that I wouldn't play a character because it is bold. In CITYLIGHTS also, I was playing a rural woman and a mother at 24 years. Who would want to be that? Nobody! But for me these are just characters and I'm just a girl trying to be established, get work, make my work be seen.

Since you've played a mother and now are playing a very bold character. So what will be your next choice?
I don't know what I want to do next, but want to play something that's closer to who Patralekhaa is. Somebody who's my age. Maybe a girl next door. *A samosa for Patralekhaa that she obviously refuses

* So you had to go for a diet for this movie?
Yeah. I had to work out because she's a glamourous girl.

'As an actor, I'd like to do every regional film'

How easy/difficult was that journey?
It was difficult, because you can't eat everything and have to work out. But I like working out. It makes you happy and releases endorphins. So working out was never the problem but eating was. My love for food isn't Samosa and all, but chocolates.

Have you signed any regional film as yet?
No. I'm open to good work - character, good script. As an actor, I'd like to do every regional film.

You found it humiliating to play a bar girl in CITYLIGHTS. So did you instantly agree for LOVE GAMES?
I didn't find it humiliating to play the character, but when I was made to understand the pain of that character. Because I was living that character on screen, I understood her humiliation.

During CITYLIGHTS you said you weren't comfortable with intimate scenes. So was it a little more easy here?
I was very uncomfortable then and told Hansal sir that. At the end of the day, there are 40 people behind the camera and you're a girl. I find these scenes very difficult to do. During LOVE GAMES also, I almost started panicking, went and spoke to Vikram sir. I was very apprehensive during the first few days but he made me comfortable. The most important thing is when your director and co-actor make you feel comfortable. Vikram sir told me to treat it like a dialogue. He's a very calm person who doesn't intimidate you and will make you understand like a father, mentor. After LOVE GAMES I realized that working with these amazing directors has also taught me so much in life. Vikram sir never lost his cool or shouted at anybody on sets for 45 days shoot. He was that calm and composed! I would always go to him if something is irritating or bothering me and he would quietly sit and listen.

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