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LAAL RANG director Syed Ahmed Afzal: Randeep Hooda and Akshay Oberoi were my original choices

April 19, 2016 1:22:31 PM IST
By Shaheen Irani, Glamsham Editorial
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After getting his vision out in YOUNGISTAAN, Syed Ahmed Afzal is coming up with another movie LAAL RANG - which might deal with blood mafia, but promises to be a movie about relationships. In an interview with us, the director opens up about his movie.

Here are the excerpts:


Why the title LAAL RANG? There's a song also 'Yeh Laal Rang'...
It's nothing to do with that. LAAL RANG is just because the colour of blood is red. Here we're trying to show what happens with relationships and how they are connected through blood - be it the family blood or which you give to others. During transfusion, you give blood to your friend when he/she requires it. That's how you get connected to them through blood.

Is there a specific reason to keep Randeep's name as Shankar in the movie?
That you'll see in the film. I wouldn't like to comment on that.

You directed YOUNGISTAAN and now LAAL RANG. Are you going to continue in this kind of serious genre or looking to explore something new?
I'm going to explore left, right and centre with whatever possible genre. My film is more engaging and about relationships. It's not preachy at all and in the layers somewhere, there's a message hidden what would become relevant once you see the whole film.

What message do you want your audience to take from this movie?
It's actually for the audience to take and not me to say. It depends on each person's perspective.

What made you choose Randeep and Akshay. Were they your original choices?
Yes they were my original choices. I chose Randeep because he is from Haryana and has a humongous command over the language, dialect because it's his mother tongue. Akshay has done a fabulous job and I couldn't have thought of any other person for his role.

If not Randeep, who would've been your choice?
I can't think of anyone else if not Randeep.

"Can't think of anybody else if not Randeep Hooda for the role of Shankar"

Does LAAL RANG have black humour?
Yeah there's lot of black humour and it's very inherent. If you go to the North you would see that there's a lot of black humour even in a normal conversation.

And what about abusive language?
No we haven't used that.

Is there only Haryanvi language used?
The film is based in Ambala, where there's a mix of both Haryanvi and Punjabi.

People are also making sequels these days so would you like to do a sequel to YOUNGISTAAN or LAAL RANG?
I'm not sure because I'm not much in favour of sequels. With sequels, a movie loses its significance somehow. People might think that a director couldn't convey his message through one film, because of which there were sequels.

If you had to describe your film in one line, how would that be?
It's about relationships.

Do you think there's an audience for serious cinema as well or do they come only for entertainment?
I had this in my mind while I was writing the film. There's a great entertaining quotient in it because it deals with a city which is from the B centres of India and people would definitely relate to it. We've tried to achieve a balance between sense and entertainment, which is very important for the film. It's not just an art film. I think the audience for such film is growing by many folds. The recent example is NEERJA which has done so nice just because of its content.

Would you call your film an unconventional one?
The kind of storytelling we've achieved is unconventional and I'm unable to actually fit the film in one particular genre because it tells you a lot.

How was your experience working with the whole cast?
Amazing. It's a dream team and I would've repeated the same cast in my next film if it were in my control. There's so much of positivity even within the smallest of actors. That is why we have come up with 16 posters in which even the smallest of character has a poster.

Whom would you love to work with in the future?
Many people. Irrfan Khan, Shah Rukh Khan.

Can you throw some light on your upcoming projects?
I can't tell you right now but I'm going to start something in October.

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