HUMOUR: Shah Rukh to rescue Aditya Chopra & vice versa

December 10, 2016 11:52:40 AM IST
By Vishal Verma, Glamsham Editorial
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Ruk Ja O Dil Deewane, Poochhoon Toh Main Zara it's a ringtone of Aditya Chopra's phone. The ever busy Aditya picks up the phone immediately, 'Hey Adi, its Shah Rukh over here'. Presenting a light hearted and humorous account of a tête-à-tête between best pals Aditya Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan post RAEES and BEFIKRE hullabaloo. Hope your funny bones 'twinkle' with the 'khan kha na hat' (sound) of laughter.


Yeah Shah Rukh
, I know it's you, replies the delighted Aditya.

Shah Rukh Khan: Just saw BEFIKRE, and thought of giving you a call

Aditya Chopra: Super! So what does the super cool Raj of the 90's from DDLJ has to say about the Dharam of today played by Ranveer Singh.

Shah Rukh Khan: phoote karam (what the hell)

Aditya Chopra : Shah Rukh you are getting too harsh buddy, what's wrong. It's a modern take on relationships, today's generation 'live' with it without 'marrying' to the idea of marriage. It's KAHAANI HAR YOUNG JODI KI in metros bro. grow up yaar. Raj and Simran are bygones. It's a golden era for today's generation. And its Paris in France baby, they first 'kiss' and then tell my friend.

Shah Rukh Khan : 'kiss' ko bol raha hai yaar (to whom you are talking too) Adi, am SRK – the King of Romance I know it and maybe better than you. You and your father made me what I am today, I owe my stardom to you guys but still I have a 'fikra' (concern, worry) for you after watching BEFIKRE.

Aditya Chopra : What's the worry dude.

Shah Rukh Khan : desperation meri jaan (my dear), desperation.

Aditya Chopra : kindly elaborate.

Shah Rukh Khan: sure bro.

Shah Rukh Khan: I found you desperate to be young and cool with BEFIKRE, I found you trying so hard to come to terms with the new generation.

Aditya Chopra : Is that so.

Shah Rukh Khan : yeah and see where you landed – the DDLJ influence became evident finally. You are a trendsetter with DDLJ and leaders don't follow, they create their own following. Here I found you following the youth, Raj from DDLJ was followed by the youth of those times. You know what Raj still can make people fall in love worldwide.

Aditya Chopra: Really

Shah Rukh Khan : The thing called 'love at first sight' is immortal. You should be doing those stuffs in which you are best. I am still called the King of Romance even after Ranbir and Ranveer making girls go weak in their knees.

Aditya Chopra: Got your point but a human being is suppose to change with times, look at you in RAEES – playing a bootlegger with that 'surma' (kohl) in your eyes, beard and that pathani suit romancing a girl half your age just for box office benefits. Is King Khan so desperate for a hit at box office? You too seem to be desperate bro.

Shah Rukh Khan : numbers matter. RAEES is in records already. The trailer got record views.

Aditya Chopra : Congrats for the 'record' but what about those 'unrecorded' concerned expressed by many people. After setting a good example in DEAR ZINDAGI, why this? The diehard followers of SRK – the King of Romance are not very happy.

Shah Rukh Khan : hmmmmmmm. Then like I said earlier, we should be doing things in which we are the best. What about a reunion.

Aditya Chopra: voila. You have any idea.

Shah Rukh Khan: yes I have and it will be a revolution in Indian cinema.

Aditya Chopra: bring it on

Shah Rukh Khan : just imagine, a sequel to DDLJ starring Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor. The SRK, Kajol part will be directed by you. The Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone part will be helmed by me. I will make my entry as a director with this. And the surprise twist – the Rambir Kapoor part that will be the talk of the town will be helmed by Karan Johar.

Aditya Chopra : title pls title jaldi. (too exited)

Shah Rukh Khan: DILWALE KI SHAAM PARIS KE NAAM – the return of Raj and Simran.

(Disclaimer: The above article is a figment of imagination of the author, the website doesn't hold any responsibility)


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