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Isha Nayak: When there is Love, Shagun comes automatically

February 24, 2016 6:01:51 PM IST
By Shaheen Irani, Glamsham Editorial
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Isha Nayak has turned a supportive wife, who has given her husband Saandesh Nayak wings to direct a movie. Yes, she is the producer of LOVE SHAGUN, and had a lot to speak to us exclusively about the movie.

Here are some excerpts:


What is the LOVE SHAGUN concept all about?
It's about love, relationships, friends. It's not a just typical love story but the essence of the value of love, about friends and family also. Love here is between all relationships involved.

What made you chose LOVE SHAGUN to debut as a producer?
I loved the script. I have seen Saandesh working on this film for 7 years, but since it was tough to bring finances for a new director, we decided to take this on ourselves. Saandesh was working on the creative part. I am good in handling finance since I was working in that area. Because there was no corporate support also, we decided that together we will have to get into this.

'Have seen Saandesh working on LOVE SHAGUN for 7 years'

The script is an unusual one- where the guy is looking to break his heart. What do you think will make your movie work?
He is not looking for a girl to break his heart. He is just trying to protect his mother. He is a guy who is simply a digitalized Amol Palekar. He has due respect for his mother. He is not a Casanova. He simply wants to get married to a perfect girl. He meets an astrologer who tells him that according to his kundli he will get divorced in his first marriage. His friend suggests that he should find an imperfect girl for divorce. How that imperfect relationship grows without any expectation is what we are trying to show because in today's times, expectations kill the relationship.

Do you think love is shagun, especially looking at the divorce phase in Bollywood currently?
I believe that love always brings luck and happiness. So when there is Love, Shagun comes automatically. I would not like to comment on the divorces happening in Bollywood. Each individual will have their own reasons for doing so.

What do you think about the clash with ALIGARH and TERE BIN LADEN: DEAD OR ALIVE? Is it a risk you are willing to take?
Yes our movie is releasing with ALIGARH and TERE BIN LADEN, but all these films are completely different from each other in every aspect. I don't think there is any such clash between them as the genre of LOVE SHAGUN is very distinct. I believe that there is always a risk involved in making and releasing any film as the final indeterminable judgement is that of the audience and the real test lies therein. So the release of other movies on the same date does not come across as a risk for us.

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