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LOVE SHAGUN singer Tochi Raina: I keep on facing Kalol

February 22, 2016 2:51:08 PM IST
By Shaheen Irani, Glamsham Editorial
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Goonja sa hai koi Iktara, Iktara… Tochi Raina sings very rarely in Bollywood. You could say he's choosy when it comes to songs, but he has his own reasons. Tochi believes that he wants to keep the Indian essence alive through his songs, and his latest ‘Kalol' from the movie LOVE SHAGUN is also the same.

We exclusively spoke in depth with this singer, and here are some excerpts from the interview:


How did you bag Kalol?
My brother Neeru Rawal is also a partner of Band of Bandagi. The music composer is Band Of Bandagi. Saandesh used to do theatre with my brother. Suddenly, in spite of the fact that all songs were recorded for the film, they said that they want a promotional song by me. He gave me a brief on the song and I agreed. He already told me about the thought and I was wondering who would pen it down. Then I remembered a 22-23 year old Delhi friend Gurpreet who writes amazing poetry. I told Gurpreet to send a line to Saandesh, and the latter agreed. That's how I bagged the song.

What does Kalol mean?
It actually is fun talks between someone. Something like mazaak ka mudda, but the one you wouldn't realize. To become a fool. *laughs*

Have you faced such a situation?
I keep on facing it.

'Wanted Kalol (LOVE SHAGUN song) to be a mix of Punjabi and Bengali'

Did you have to do something different for Kalol?
The biggest thing I got to do was to make my dreams of taking Band of Bandagi to an international level come true. People come with their philosophy and career goals. I hadn't dreamt about anything - just came to Mumbai for roaming around. When roaming, I made relations and became a composer. But I wanted to work with Band of Bandagi since 1991. The band guys asked to wait for a while and study things more. They love philosophy a lot too, which is important because music requires philosophy.

Do you ever want to become a lyricist?
No, but I have written a lot of books (in fact am working on one right now) and film scripts.

Was there an inspiration behind Kalol?
I just wanted it to be a folk styled song - a mix of Bengali and Punjabi. We wanted the music of Bengal and the fun of Punjab, but this is just the beginning.

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