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Of recent marriage and relationship break-ups

February 29, 2016 11:38:00 AM IST
By Moody Marty, Glamsham Editorial
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Of recent marriage and relationship break-ups
Recently, we have been bombarded with information on marriage break-ups and relationships gone kaput. The latest of course has been assorted news in the media about the alleged break-up of Arjun Rampal and Suzanne Roshan, this after news surfaced about cricketer Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma going their separate ways.

While it is very sad to see marriages break-up, there's not much sorrow in break-ups of relationships. That's because there never was any commitment in the first place, while in a marriage, commitment is the key word: For better or for worse. Till death do us part!


In that sense, hearing about Farhan Akhtar and his wife Adhuna was very disturbing for me at a personal level. I knew Farhan when he was breaking into the industry and we once bumped into a flight back from Goa, in 2006. We got chatting at the baggage counter and it was wonderful to see him, Adhuna (then pregnant with their second daughter Akira) and their older daughter Shakya.

I do hope they get back together. Ditto Hrithik and Suzanne, who God has blessed with two lovely angels, Hridhaan and Hrehaan. A secure family is the greatest nucleus that nurtures a child. Differences are part of life, but I believe there's nothing that a good ‘honest-to-God' dialogue can't sort out.

Forgiveness and humility are the key words here. If one has that, you can move mountains!

Boman and Zenobia Irani… their hearts still speaking!
Since we are on marriages, here's another Bollywood marriage that's a role-model. I am talking about Boman Irani and his wife of 31 years, Zenobia.


On January 28, 2016, Bomani celebrated another of his wedding anniversary and he announced this on social media with a cute picture which said:  “In life you have to make just one good decision; everything else is a consequence of that! Made that decision on our ‘first date': Thwack! Heart spoke! Decided! Let's order dinner!  Heart still speaking!”

Boman is a very vocal human when it comes to voicing his opinion and concerns relating to humanity. If you have seen him on stage, he loves to mention Zenobia and make light of his marriage and married people in general. This of course is to bring the house down with his characteristic humour.

And when it comes to his family, he is fiercely proud and protective about his sons, Kayoze and Danish, and of course he cannot stop talking about Zenobia and what a pillar of support and strength she has been in his life. That's what a good partnership in marriage is all about; In good times and in bad…

It's a surprise that negative news gets widespread publicity, while something as positive and heart-warming as Boman and Zenobia gets lost in the maze of ‘depressing news'.

I'm hoping for a happy ending, Farhan and Hrithik
Coming back to where I started; it is not simply that someone once said: Behind every successful man is a woman. Adhuna has played a huge part in Farhan's rise and rise and rise. I know he is slated for even greater things. Farhan is not just talented, he is a powerhouse of talent and this would have only been realized by the constant prodding of Adhuna.


Suzanne, too, has played a very important part in Hrithik's success. He married her at the peak of his ‘fan craziness', which only goes to show how much he loved her. That cannot be a love that can blow off when a storm comes.

Here's hoping to see these families unite again. The universe is with you, dear Farhan and Hrithik.

Waiting for the Golden celebration, Bomani!

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