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SANAM TERI KASAM actor Harshvardhan Rane and actress Mawra Hocane speak about love

February 4, 2016 6:22:51 PM IST
By Shaheen Irani, Glamsham Editorial
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Get to know the new debutants on block - Harshvardhan Rane and Mawra Hocane better! It is so inspiring to look at how positive both these actors are in life, that even without watching their film SANAM TERI KASAM, we feel they might go a long, long way. You can also get inspired by reading what they told us during the movie's interactions.

Here are some excerpts:


What do you think will attract the audiences to SANAM TERI KASAM?
Harshvardhan Rane: I think when choosing smartphones, you might not look at the technical aspect and just take a phone because of how it looks. The same way, makers sell the technical aspect of a movie, but the buyer will always go for something they feel comfortable in. SANAM TERI KASAM can just be a film they can connect to somewhere. Just like the smartphones, today's audiences is very smart who make their own choices. Nowadays people don't follow herds, but have an individual identity, which gives confidence to people like us who don't have a filmy background. I think the audiences must've made their minds by now, especially after watching the four songs. A friend of mine told me his 17 month old son slept to 'Tera Chehra'. These little things make you feel very happy. An audience always makes a choice by looking at the trailer, including me. The buzz is already there and our directors have already connected to the audiences many a times before. And then there's the beautiful Mawra Hocane, so the visuals are in place. We've given our best. Now it's on the audiences to choose our film over the others. I don't know about the other films coming out on the same day but I can guarantee you that this should be in the top 3 best romantic films of 2016. It's the safest I can say.

Mawra Hocane: I agree with him mostly. Somehow I feel SANAM TERI KASAM takes an edge over other films. At any point of time, any person would want to watch a love story. With SANAM TERI KASAM, people are already connecting to some songs, which is a cherry on top. My directors know what the audiences want. They made a song like ‘Maine Paayal Hai Jhankhaayi' in early 2000s and now ‘Tera Chehra'.That's why I'm really confident of the product. The only thing I'm thinking about is the first chunk of audience who will go and watch the movie, because once that happens, I'm 200% sure that the word of mouth will spread soon. Being new faces in Bollywood affects a film's business, but I also feel that there are so many newcomers who've come who have achieved. So I'm sure there's some formula which works and I hope we nail that formula. The rest I would like to leave it to the audiences. I think we're safely confident. When you put your heart and soul into something, there's something you're connecting to. You can't fool your heart – tell it to connect to some nonsense. The way we've connected and felt so deeply, happens very rarely. The way I felt about this journey, is something I've never before. If I've received a lot of applause for the projects I've already done, I feel I'll be receiving a lot of love for this too.

'Inder is a good combination of Salman sir and my father'

Can you tell us something about your characters and how do you'll fall in love?
MH: Saru is a big dreamer. She's a south Indian Telugu Brahmin girl. I used to be scared to pronounce some things wrong. I feel she's a very sweet, honest and compassionate girl but the spark lies in her dreams. There's always someone in your life who helps you discover who you really are either by leaving or accepting you. That's the kind of importance in the role of Saru's life. Harsh is the person who helps you discover who you are consciously or unconsciously. That's the kind of bond Saru and Inder form initially. Before that, Saru's priority was family. The first quality I see in a human is compassion. It's a quality I personally connect to. The kind of intensity she feels when she falls in love is also something very relatable to me. I feel she is a reflection to Radhika mam because she has given life to this character and because mam is also a south Indian.

HR: Inder is the rough, rugged, contrast to Snow White kind of girl. My character is like KING KONG who is with this delicate girl. Inder is somber, an introvert and a person who can protect you. I think Inder is a good combination of Salman sir and my father. Whenever I think of my father, he's like the wild storm who's so warm and gentle. He's so firm and ascertain, but his approach is so heartwarming.

What are you expecting from this movie?
HR: Genuine appreciation and feedback. And commercial success.

MH: I hope it generates platform for more such films to be made. I'm expecting something which has rarely happened – love from both the countries. When I signed the film, I kept both in my mind. It has traditional value to it. I've never worked so hard all my life. Now that I look back, I cannot believe it. No matter what the quantity is, if audiences come and tell me they're connecting to my film, then I'll feel successful.

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