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JAI GANGAAJAL villain Manav Kaul: I'm a humbly confident actor; nobody can ignore me

March 2, 2016 6:39:18 PM IST
By Shaheen Irani, Glamsham Editorial
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After gaining fame as the ‘Bittu Mama' in KAI PO CHE! and Yazaad Qureshi in WAZIR, Manav Kaul is once again all set to show his grey side in Prakash Jha's JAI GANGAAJAL. While interviewing this actor, we got to know why is he a veteran in the field. Experience it yourself…


You are coming in JAI GANGAAJAL after WAZIR. Do you fear that your limelight will be stolen in front of the big stars (now Priyanka Chopra)?
I'm very humbly confident of the actor I am and nobody can ignore me. I say this because I've spent 21 years in the field.

How was it performing a role where you're at par with Priyanka?
It's a wonderfully written role and I even told Priyanka that I'm really lucky to get it.

Any experience you take back from JAI GANGAAJAL?
Prakash Jha and his team is so amazing that you don't even realize when did you finish the film. It was a smooth journey.

'JAI GANGAAJAL is a wonderfully written role and I'm lucky to get it'

How relatable is your character to the real life?
I'm not even closely related to what I played in JAI GANGAAJAL or even WAZIR. The best part about acting is that you can explore a totally different person on screen, and yet come back to your normal self off it. But I must say, my JAI GANGAAJAL character is the most emotional I have done. I was exhausted after every scene. When you see the film, you'll know that he's not negative but such an emotional person!

Being a scriptwriter yourself, you would have the creative instinct. So do you give out suggestions to your directors?
Always. During JAI GANGAAJAL, I sat with Prakash Jha, read all the graph and gave my creation like always. I always want to contribute in pre-production before going for a shoot. I always sit and talk with my director. All the agreements and disagreements should happen before shooting starts. It's also because we have to come on the same page. Of course, because of my literature background and being a writer, actor-director, I come with plus points which can help a film. Not only my character, I give suggestions for every thing related to the project because I feel it's mine. The idea of making a film together always excites me and is something I love.

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