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Prakash Jha: I realized Priyanka Chopra never cancels her shooting during JAI GANGAAJAL

March 3, 2016 6:35:53 PM IST
By Shaheen Irani, Glamsham Editorial
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He has been famous for tapping into politics with his movies and in fact, his about-to-be-released film JAI GANGAAJAL starring Priyanka Chopra too has some elements of politics involved. By now you would know that we are talking about director-turned-actor Prakash Jha. Well, in our interview, the man revealed about his most memorable experience, spoke about Priyanka Chopra, politics and much more.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:


Was Priyanka Chopra your original choice for the movie?
Priyanka was the only choice - right from the time I thought we needed a female protagonist. Her character is that who has to take over a district, but people thought she would be manipulated.

In case Priyanka said no, then who would you have casted?
I don't know. It didn't happen na. That's not the situation, then why ask? If not Priyanka, then we would've thought about someone else.

Like Nishikant Kamat, did you also bag a role in JAI GANGAAJAL by luck?
No, no. I had prepared for it. While I was writing the script and the character was emerging, it was very attractive and I got excited about it. It just added to my creative urges. I had it my mind right from the beginning. The character of DSP is just interesting - which balances everything and are senior enough, but not the head.

What do you think will attract the audiences to JAI GANGAAJAL? Is the same factors which were in GANGAAJAL?
It's a very exciting story of a female police officer, her emotional involvement with work and the story of our new society (which changed after 2003). Moreover, it has lovely characters.

'Right from the time I thought we needed a female protagonist, I thought about Priyanka Chopra'

Does Rahul Bhat have a dark role in JAI GANGAAJAL?
No. Rahul's character is very positive. He's a social activist who is the ideology of the film. Whatever we want to say in the film, it's through him.

An incident on the sets that you cannot forget?
I don't remember any apart from that one day. The lady called Priyanka Chopra is so particular in her work that one day she didn't turn up until approximately 10 o clock. We had 8 o clock shift. A very disturbed Priyanka called me up and said I've fallen ill, but am trying to take medicine and come in an hour. Within an hour I got a call that she tried to get up and dress, but she felt nauseous. So I said just forget about it and sleep, I'll shoot some other scene where you aren't required. The next day she was so apologetic and said that she never cancelled shooting. That's actually when I realized that she has never cancelled any shooting or not been there which is why she is where she should be!

From where did you get the idea of including a national anthem in your movie and is it a part of the movie?
It isn't. Everybody records National Anthem, so we also thought we'll record it. Moreover, Priyanka sang that so it was great.

Any plans to tap into another genre apart from politics?
I'll be working on it soon.

Did you ever think about getting into politics?
I did contest elections to become an MP so that I could do something, but getting into politics is never my aim. I understand and am a very keen observer of politics, but I don't want to practice it.

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